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I'm a sucker for animal stories, and I especially like stories about the underdog, that animal who shows that he's more than most people assume he is. There's something very special about those pets who've been discounted, turned down or thrown away. You see a deep understanding and a different sort of affection and love in those eyes gazing back toward you.

In this true story, we meet Boyd Martin, a determined and out-going personality in his own right, and also an animal lover. He takes a chance on a horse no person seemed to want, a horses no person had any real patience or understanding for. This horse has to be too difficult, maybe too scrappy. Kind of bold like Boyd himself, and you just know that these two strong-willed characters were meant to find each other. Boyd looks at this horse and sees the pure spirit there, all that strength and personality looking back at your pet.

Boyd buys the horses (renamed Neville) fairly on the cheap. But eventually, this " eight-hundred-and-fifty-dollar racetrack reject" turns into a winner on the international stage, with he and Boyd as part of the U. S. contingent at the Olympics this summer. In addition to while that's impressive and a true underdog displaying us just what he's made of, the real story here is that Neville's more than merely a success. He's a friend, someone, and if you happen to be an animal lover, too, you know just what this means.

The man and a horses finding each other, viewing and trusting the best in each other, they conclusion up helping the other through some very trying and devastating times. Just like the story made me cry, it also made me personally smile. Touching and uplifting, it's a story of courage, endurance and desire. A story of true friendship that goes both ways; one saving a life, the other conserving a soul. The love of and for a creature can do amazing things when given the chance., I love anything written about horses, and this true story of of Neville and Boyd, and also his family and friends(human & animal) now has a place inside my heart. As I read this story, I was amazed to realize that I pass by Windurra several times a month traveling between Delaware and Pennsylvania. Merely passing by, you can just feel alittle exhilaration in the air, and after this I can appreciate the beauty of that cultivated fields even more. We are in awe of what those two friends/ partners achieved. Don't miss this reading this heroic story. Strongly recommended., I enjoyed the book. It was nice to read about the love of sport and the love for horses. I kept reading as fast as I actually could, to see what was happening next. I actually enjoyed the book very much., This is truly a fascinating true story, I remembered reading an article about it back 2012 during all of the Olympic buzz. Whenever I recently uncovered this book I jumped at the chance to read it and hear more about this unique duo. However, I actually do feel as if this was somewhat of an abbreviated version. While it had not been bad, the writing just seemed a bit rushed. I actually feel like there is so much more detail that may have been written here., A hard, factual book. Not really my style. Was hard for me personally to get into. Was a narrative not a story type book., Almost any story about horses appeals to me. Cherished the storyline about Neville but lacked depth. That is the authors fault., I actually had never heard of this story before. Because amazing story as "The Eighty Dollar Champion" about a horse and his rider and their successes is obviously., Well written. Did not want to set it down even though I understood the general story. Neville Bardos is one hard cookie.

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