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I will start this by saying that a lot of post-apocalyptic or sci-fi books are not my thing. However, Ruby Dixon is one of about 2 0r 3 authors which i will buy these from. She moves a great yarn: -). So when I found that one come up We immediately one-clicked and began reading the following day.

Really liked this book! Interesting character types and character development. This specific lady has a great imagination to come up with all the info and ideas in this book. I can totally imagine 'Fort Dallas' and the devastation that is described in the book.

Because always, the romance was good and the sexual intercourse was hot! The heroine, Claudia, was a little wishy-washy at times but We understood a little of her inner conflict so We was okay with it in the end. Overall, I was totally taken with the story and cannot wait and learn more in the series!

Safe read - some possible triggers with other characters. No cheating, no OW/OM drama. Also condom free if that is your thing!, Ruby, your killing me personally. Now rather than an IPB habit that requires regular fixes, I now require Dragon fixes as well. You might have an inmate skill for giving the viewer a great read that is very unique. Your world building and personality development is top class and in this new series your off to a great start. I am really looking forward to reading the next in the series and think that there might be many more to come. Without doubt about it you've received a winner on your hands., This is my first Ruby Dixon read and am purchased this guide as an impulse even though I have amazon kindle unlimited and I have to say which i was not disappointed. It was worth every single dime I paid and We went ahead and purchased the second one half way through. From the very beginning you get the sense of the main characters desperation in this post apocalyptic world that has been overcome by dragons.

I have to say that this wasn't the normal trash filled bodice ripper that's filled with the same tired tropes, it was engaging and am really enjoyed it. We look forward to reading more about these dragons., This is the first book in a new series. It takes place 7 years after dragons entered our world through a rift above, wrecking everything in their path, killing billions of people. The survivors exist right behind barriers erected around destroyed cities, scavenging for as well as goods and just existing. Firearms have no effect against the rampaging dragons and the only way to outlive is to hide when one comes. Right now there is a police pressure, but it mainly is available to have some sort of order and individuals in charge aren't above taking sex from women in exchange for food or money. Claudia is arrested for crimes commited for scavenging for her sister Amy and friend Sasha to feed them. The creciente decides to use her for bait as chisme has it another city tried it and it preserved the city. Claudia gets put out for dragon bait and Kael is the dragon shifter who claims her. I've read plenty of dragon shifter romance books, but this kept my attention and made me wanting more. Claudia is Kael's whole world and she keeps the madness away. In Kael's situation it is love at first sight, but Claudia needs the time to get acquainted with Kael, get over her fear of his being a dragon and the author gives her that time. Too often in similar stories the main characters meet and immediately go right to sex declaring their love for their soul mates which is utterly dull to me. In this guide Kael has to win Claudia's trust and love which results in the viewer getting to know both characters in depth. The differences in the way dragons think verses a human woman shows they come from different species and realms. I gave this 5 stars because in addition to the hot relationship, addititionally there is additional twists to the plot making it more interesting. Looking towards the next books which will feature Amy and Sasha and the dragon shifters., Loved Ruby's new human-dragon world. Achievement sure why I did not give it a 5. Maybe because while We loved the dragons and the heroine, who both have so much nature, depth and kindness, the other two female characters in the backstory seemed a little weak. The human guys all seemed cruel in a post-apocalyptic world. We hope Ruby can show a few good human males, possibly mates for the red dragons and in her next books about sister Army and friend Sasha, give them more backbone. I can't wait to see where this series goes!!!, This specific is a new series from Ruby Dixon focusing on Dragon shifters. This specific is a new world on earth. Think Mad Greatest extent meets Dragons. You have corrupt officials who allow the citizens to basically scavage for basic need. Dragons have entered Earth and are the enemy. The particular dragons have destroyed towns and killed millions. Claudia is captured one day by the mayor and used to lure a dragon. She is basically bait when it is rumored that the female in another city tamed a dragon. The hope is that Claudia will be able to calm a dragon and prevent the town from the continued damage. The mayor isn't worried if the Dragon should harm Claudia in the process. Little is well known of the dragons who just appeared one day on earth. Karl is the Monster that finds Claudia chained. He rescues her and takes her away. This individual immediately decides to state her as his partner. I will not give away any spoilers but to say that I have always loved the whole Dragon idea but have never been able to find anyone who could write it well. Not until now. Ruby Dixon. wrote the character types of Kael and Claudia in such a way that you got both parts of view. I loved understanding how Kael felt and his deep feelings and needs for Claudia. This individual could be so nice and patient with Claudia. I couldn't put this book down. I can't wait to read Sashas book next. Ruby Dixon never disappoints.

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