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You will find books that rip our souls apart, then there are those that rip aside another thing. Something so raw that cannot be easily wiped away and even soothed together with a snow cone. Together with explosive writing, author Debra Anastasia has taken all of us somewhere we didn't understand we wanted to be; a journey to a new deep dark place within us all.

From page one, this fun physically extreme story made me squeaky laugh all the approach through.
In cui is a sweetheart in addition to Johnson is an lovable hero, although a fresh contender may give him some stiff competition.
Even the friends and neighbors are likable flying their particular freak flag with careless abandon.
When you are squeamish concerning any bodily functions, this book is not for a person. But if you could squeeze outside your package, this well-written story may leave skid marks on the heart. Can't wait with regard to the next one., OMG!!! This book was sooooo funny that I was afraid I was heading to wake the whole home at 2am laughing. I actually couldn't place it down in addition to read it in a single night. All the characters in this apartment constructing with Dove, are characters per. From her neighbor who Never closes his / her door, to the porn-author upstairs, to her 2 finest friends (one stuck in past trends and one who else only speaks 10 phrases a day), how do any kind of relationship be normal? In cui who is embarrassed to buy feminine products let alone go to the pharmacy to acquire a second prescription with regard to a feminine issue, mets hot new Pharmacist Johnson Fitzgerald, she looks to be able to get more than just the girl prescription filled. But Close friends, neighbors, an ex-fiance in addition to a Penis Piercing eliminated wrong, can Dove in addition to Johnson get past every thing and move their nice attraction forward? Or will Dove's screwed up luck prevent her from becoming her Twitter handle? This particular is a cliff hanger and I can't wait until book two to observe how this ends!!!, I actually one-clicked this novel nearly an entire year ago after I watched a video interview with this writer and found myself thrilled by her frankness. Not necessarily everyone wants the realness regarding everyday body functions incorporated into their romantic hype. Personally, I was fascinated by the synopsis in addition to up for something different, so I was desperate to see how well Debra could execute this.

Creating style: 3rd person

Cover: awkwardly stylish – I actually like it!

Good pieces
Body humor – check!
Ridiculous situations – dual check!
Hilarious and awkward Twitter messages – triple check!
I’m assigning bonus points for the awesome chapter heading design as well as the very à propos title headings.

Weaker bits
Dove’s habit regarding berating herself mentally was hard for me to be able to read. She was termes conseillés cruel to herself, in addition to I simply didn’t like that. I found personally skimming due to this mainly. She was alternately insecure, awkward, sometimes funny nevertheless also very not funny. I wanted to pull the girl aside and give the girl a hug but likewise tell her to dial it back only a tiny bit also to be kinder to be able to herself.

Two of typically the strangest neighbors besides Fight it out were Dove’s neighbors Debra Anastasia and Mr. Anastasia. To me they seemed to be able to be overly exaggerated in addition to frankly bizarre. Making them caricatures of the real life individuals was obviously a strong choice. I wish which i could have appreciated their particular oddness, but mostly I actually didn’t. Debra, as the girl erotic author persona, got a great Twitter conversation with Johnson early upon though that I liked. And she and Mister. Anastasia had a couple of very supportive occasions later with Duke after his penis piercing accident.

Favorite character
Johnson – having been almost all around a sweet in addition to well meaning guy and one of my favorite moments featured him:

‘His loud voice spoke harshly, nevertheless Dove couldn’t understand a new word he said. “Si jamais tu reparles para cette fille de cette façon, je te casserai la guile jusqu’à votre que tu pleures comme la mauviette que tu es. ”

Overall, this particular novel was obviously a mixed bag for me. I laughed out loud several periods, but I also found myself completely baffled in some of the characters’ actions and thoughts. Nevertheless, I find myself continue to curious to know regardless of whether or not Dove in addition to Johnson end up a new happily ever after couple.

And Johnson's nice man appeal is the primary attract for me to study the sequel, Fire in the Hole (Gynazule #2). Johnson came to Dove’s defense in French. Who can resist a man who else does that? As a new Francophile, I certainly cannot. I don’t consider Fight it out or the new neighbor real contenders, but this particular author is packed with impresses. I already have book two inside my e-book selection, and I’m really hoping that it will be more evenly written., I'm not really sure where to start with this book. It's so crude and gross in addition to disgusting that you want to stop reading it. But, on the some other hand, it's just so freaking hilarious that you simply cannot stop - you just sense the need to acquire to the end.

In cui... what can I point out about her? She will be a blend of Lizzie McGuire and Bridget Smith. Yup! If you could picture that in your own head, you've got a new winner. She is typically the unluckiest person I possess ever had the pleasure of reading about. She actually is funny, awkward, and has the worst luck. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Poor girl.

Now, Johnson, the pharmacist. I call him Sally because he reminds me personally from the pharmacist from " The Nanny" as he can never seem to be to be able to modulate his voice to be able to the appropriate decibel stage. Anyways, in my thoughts and opinions, he's just like awkward since Dove - just not to her extent. In spite of his awkwardness, he will be confident and knows merely how to calm In cui down. He is such a new sweet and clueless man. I love his in addition to Dove's interactions, and Now i'm definitely rooting for them.

Duke, on the some other hand, I'm not also sure what to point out. He's a boy residing in a new man's body. He has no concept of limitations or even the need of clothes. They have his / her own rules for dwelling and is cool together with them - despite society's basic standards for dwelling. He gives his body free rein to do whatever it wants -- irregardless of who's around. He has a fondness for Slim Jim's, since well as sausages. Take all that away, though, and you'll locate a man who will be also (semi) nice and also protective of In cui. He's a complex personality and when he chooses to be serious, be careful! since the words out regarding his mouth are pure genius.

There are a new host of other strange characters in this book and I'll just make you to discover them oneself.

I am going to warn you though, do NOT read this book if you're offended by simply body parts doing their particular song and dance. Do NOT read this book when individuals acting like crazy idiots aren't your factor. And most importantly, do NOT read this book when you don't have a new warped sense of humor. You've been warned.

Now, I must say, I actually was excited to attain the end of typically the book, not because I actually didn't want it, but since I wanted to maintain getting out what happened,..... until I saw that it concluded on a cliffhanger. A new freaking cliffhanger! So... I actually am mad about that. And if Goodreads is to be able to be believed, Need to hold out until December, DECEMBER!, to find the sequel. So that's very annoying.

Another annoying factor was that the book wasn't formatted properly with regard to the kindle phone software, so I had to maintain adjusting my font size, every few pages or even so, just so I actually could read the book. That wasn't pleasant.

Just about all in all, I did benefit from the book and I'll be waiting with bated breath until part a couple of comes out.

Kudos Ms Anastasia!

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