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The good: creative and fun tales, principles, and recommendations to help people finish their goals.
The challenge: good points that get lost in humorous but tangential ramblings, for which the humor can seem unnecessary.
Overall: worth reading, particularly if you're used to his writing style and need encouragement and strategy to finish your goals. Maybe also experiment with a different balance of insight, humor, and stories., I love this guide. I think it is Jon's best by far. I swear, every chapter is another problem I'm currently in the process of facing in real life and I'm able to use this new knowledge to not give up and keep going to FINISH my current task =) I actually love that he's put so much humor within it too. Who says do it yourself help books have to be dull and boring? Thank you Jon!!, Had to get real with myself - I've started out plenty of projects, but concluding them hasn't been my strong suite. This book steps it out in simple, straightforward steps that really make finishing a project simple for me. Book is worth every penny, and I'm thinking about picking upward the audible version as well so I can pay attention to it in the car (plus I noticed there is bonus content! ). No exaggeration here, this book is already impacting my daily life and work projects in a great way. Extremely recommend it!, This can be a solid book by Jon. Not quite as good as Do Over imo, but very very solid. I'd rank this as my 2nd fav JA book I've read. (1: Perform Over; 2: Finish; 3: Quitter; 4: Start). He or she is hilarious as always (though sometimes his jokes feel a little forced -- you have to learn to get used to his style) and definitely offers applicable wisdom. The advice to slice your goal in half, avoid your noble hiding places, and the danger of perfectionism is top notch. Would recommend for everyone who is has ever started out an objective but failed to finish., Have you ever started something (or lots of somethings) and missed the finish, this book is for you! Jon has a gift of challenging us all all to reframe our starts, our goals, our mindsets, as we head to the finish... and superbly, simultaneously moving us to belly laughter that draw out tears! Teach us and entertain us, so we will return for the next lesson.
And, in ALL of the, he remains relatable, very humble, and real.
This book will encourage both you and challenge you to pick up something might left undone and finish it (and encourage others to do the same)! Getting this book today means you are starting to finish!, I'm a major fan of Jon's books and this latest installment will not disappoint! My wheels are turning and I'm already seeing things in a fresh light. I'll be on my way to concluding very soon. This is a very beneficial (and entertaining) book which i can see myself going back to time and time again. Thanks, Jon!, Jon Acuff provides a fresh, witty, and spot-on diagnosis of and prognosis for my personal plight--chronically perfectionistic procrastination. The insight shared in this book and the challenges form his Summer of Finish program have inspired me to finish my own book and attempt the journey to find a literary agent who believes in the vision of never-been-published-author-wannabe. Thanks, Jon!, I actually love the strategies that Jon shares in the book Finish. They are simple but effective. Because of their simplicity, they may sometimes be overlooked as not enough to help someone achieve the results they need, but that's the beauty of trying something a little out-of-the-box to achieve our goals.

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