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I usually don't give a review and i've never given a poor one before. On the other hand, I used to be so disappointed that I needed to warn others to avoid this and find a much better book.

I have to agree with the other reviewer that said this book is actually misleading. The title of this book must have recently been 'Learn to Run' or perhaps the famous range by Bruce Lee from (Enter the Dragon) " The ability of fighting without combating. " The author doesn't state anything new or beyond what's known as common sense and recognition. His main advice is there's no guarantees in every area of your life and when you are faced with an attacker to run! Really?? Heck, I could have wrote this book. I studied boxing and karate from 10-24 years of age and I've fought in tournaments and street fights. Regarding seven years back I had chased off a hoodie wearing gunmen who conned my brother, i only had a 3" lock-blade knife.

I do agree that people need to develop an awareness of their surroundings and the people that they might encounter on the streets.

Every circumstance is different and unique, you can train your brain and body to be ready for the unexpected. Never underestimate your opponent, learn to take action without analysis, trust in your instincts and take action very quickly without hesitation! Indeed, run if you can, but sometimes you may have to stand and fight, so it all will depend on the situation.

An attacker is just strong if you allow him/her to feel they have an advantage over you... Turn the tables on your attacker by using the aspect of surprise and they will run away from you!
I cannot believe that this is actually the No 1 Best Selling Fighting techinques guide on Amazon..., I use over 6 years of MA experience and I have worked the doorway at discos and bars and also public security and have been in real physical confrontations, aka fights. This book rings very true and while basic (some will mistake this for superficiality), the insights are heavy. The chapter on body areas to is really worth the price of entrance alone. He describes what works and what doesn't. This specific is all very strong advice and I recommend this short book., A short but effective primer on using common sense to avoid physical street violence of course, if confronted with no immediate escape, how to attack as fast and efficiently as you possibly can to create an escape.

Billingham is not just speaking from an Ivory Tower, but has had a regrettable personal experience he doesn't wish for you.

The title may be somewhat of the misnomer as the fighting approach or two covered signifies a small( but very effective) section of the book.

However as pointed out in the seminal works by Marc "the animal" MacYoung, avoidance techniques and awareness are still ones best ally.

And both authors correctly point out the false bravado many self-defense disciplines inaccurately impart to students.

For those who wish to further build their knowledge of the topic based on this fine writing, I suggest reading Marc MacYoung' s classic " Cheap shots, Ambushes, and Other Lessons" which I examined for Amazon a quantity of years ago. It can the ultimate., Like the simplicity and realitybased strategy. Informs you why ninjutsu stuff not apply to Mister. And Mr. Jones. Though training is required... Maybe violence people would step down when the joneses step up...?, good guide, the message was simple also to the point., This specific is a book on common sense ways to protect your self. It's a book to help you be aware of situations and what to do if a situation arises., infrmative, Live to fight another day is great advice

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