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Davenport's book is best appropriate for individuals who have just uncovered the science behind the HSP traits. It is fun and validating to see the mainstream get started to support, or at the very least acknowledge, those of all of us who are highly delicate. That being said, the content here is geared more in the direction of those who are new to the genre, and I wanted more information or alternative approaches for managing HSP traits in everyday life. The book is well-written, and the author obviously likes you the subject matter, but the people who will benefit the most out of this are those who have just found the HSP research and are just beginning the quest of self discovery. A good issue I do have with the book is one suggestion of the author regarding work/employment. Davenport suggests on page ninety two that the HSP notify their manager of their HSP trait. I are unable to imagine any scenario in corporate America where this would be advisable. Possibly in a perfect world, but it seems similar to " career suicide" to " announce" the sensitivity. It's like saying that you are an unusual hothouse orchid or a fragile piece of cup needing kid gloves and special attention. I am an HSP, so I truly understand the desire to do meaningful work in a perfect and optimal environment, but I am unable to imagine that specifically telling my supervisor about HSP would bring about anything positive. Good managers will get to know the task styles of their employees and make adjustments appropriately, but announcing the HSP trait seems ill-advised to me, at least at work. Beyond that concern, the book does provide useful information to identify and confirm the HSP trait. It truly is reaffirming to realize that this is definitely a gift, and not a deficit., Interesting information. Short read., I have read many available works on this topic and also this book was extraordinary. You can find lists of ways to manage and helpful ideas for living a fulfilled life as a possible HSP., Really enjoyed the read., So easy to read and i also discovered a lot about me personally in this book. I actually highly recommend it for the HSP or empath. It could help you understand your relationships with others as well as to manage issues you might not exactly have understood about the whys., I was searching for books about HSPs after I heard the term somewhere and asked yourself if it might apply to me. An Amazon search turned up Davenport’s guide and I immediately bought it. I can’t say enough good things regarding it. It was well researched and straightforward to read. I actually came away with a really great understanding of what an HSP is, and plenty of extremely helpful (and actionable) things I can do to be happier. (I am one, as I suspected. ) The girl chapter on HSP’s at the office was a totally unpredicted bonus- now I’m even thinking deeper about my career. I really cannot recommend this guide enough. Give thanks to you to Barrie Davenport for writing it! She was totally new in my experience and now I’ll be looking at her other work as well., I actually first heard about the term HSP a few years back. (It was a term coined by Doctor. Elaine Aron. ) Since soon as I read many of the symptoms I think... “this definitely explains me. ”

Here are a few indicators which i have seen in me personally (and other HSPs):

**Highly bothered by sound, sound, chaos. (Overstimulated)
**Likes quiet
**Decides slowly
**Prone to anxiety
**Get upset if a “wrong: decision is made”
**Worries about others reactions
**Detail oriented

An HSP is sort of such as a supercharged introvert. (Although not every HSP are introverts)

Barrie has done a wonderful job explaining what it is to be an HSP. Why this can make someone special. How to discover if you are a HSP. How to deal with an HSP child. How to avoid depression and stress as an HSP. The particular distinctions between HSP’s and Empaths. How to make the almost all of being an HSP and much more.

I actually highly recommend this guide for any HSP or anyone who has a detailed family member who is an HSP., I really treasured Ms. Davenport's insights into HSP's. Informative and well written. Highly recommend others who might think s/he is a HSP, or knows someone who is, to read this book.

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