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Jose Villa is one of, or if not the best wedding photographer of today's generation. It is common for photographers of Villa's skill and expertise level to keep the secrets to their success to themselves, but with this book, Villa does the complete opposite. He freely stocks with the reader everything they have learned, and provides step-by-step instructions how to replicate his trendsetting look.

This is no guide of rhetoric or theory. It is a guide of application whereby House provides stunning fine-art images of weddings/engagements he has documented previously with good examples explaining his method (s). Classic and timeless, these breathtakingly beautiful captured times of tranquility effectively show the reader what can be achieved by following the books instructions effectively.

House has produced a must read for beginning or professional professional wedding photographers alike who aspire to produce top quality fine art wedding images with film. It is simply written and full of useful advice that professional photographers of most genres can use as an origin of ideas and education to meet today's generation of birdes-to-be.

It is for the aforementioned reasons the We are thrilled to recommend, "Fine Art Wedding Photography: How you can Capture Images with Design for the Modern Bride", by Jose Villa for film photographers enthusiastic about learning his craft as centered on his experiences.

Jamusu., Since a professional photographer, Now i'm comfortable with both my equipment, and my capability to get the results Now i'm looking for. As I actually read this book I discovered myself saying " yep", " absolutely", " do that all the time". And then... I also found personally saying " cool idea", " wonder why I actually didn't think of that", and " I'm definitely going to do that from now on! ". This guide is a " must read", not only for wedding photographers, nevertheless for anyone that is photographing people. Any time talking about Jose House the conversation always ends in some sort of indisputable agreement he is an immensely talented artist/photographer, which he is. Unfortunately, you may not read a book and then go out and shoot like Jose House: -( But , I must tell ya.. He has shared so much of his hard-earned, and insightful information, that if you read this book you will, no question about it, make better, more beautiful images, both digital or film. - Then to know? Now i'm going to read it again, and most likely again. #buythisbook, A few things, first off this isn't a bad book. Well presented, well written, beautiful images, and I was able to take away at least FIVE things that I feel will help my wedding photography business in the future. Thus that being said, I actually can say that the book was worth it in my opinion.

If you are a self taught/trained digital photographer this book is probably not for you, particularly when you are an electronic digital photographer. There are principles that are involved on the technical portions of the book, esp when describing about film speeds and types that many professional photographers do not deal with. And if you are a digital photographer, most of it will simply weary you. That being said, if you plan on doing high finish bedroom, there are a lot of principles that do carry over, which are used in this book. Understand, shooting film or with a Medium Format Digicam will not have you shooting and booking like JV.

Plus doing wedding ceremonies for slightly over 5 years with a backdrop in fashion and journalism. So for most of what Villa and Kent discuss in the beginning, I actually could definitely follow and relate. The thing is that it begins to get more and more repetitive. To myself the most effective chapters in the book are the last 4 and the first 2, everything else, seems to be mostly just for filler injections with pretty photos. I actually think I felt this way only as a result of level We are at now. I think if I read a guide like this six years in the past, it would have got a deeper impact. That being said, senior professional photographers will probably put this book down after chapter 3 and consider it a waste of time.

I've seen the reviews where its referenced to as simplistic, and that it is. AS WELL simplistic. Think of the Cat in the Hat in comparison to A Light in the Attic as significantly as content. I read this book in a little less when compared to a day. That does it set a bad book, but I believe you should understand what you are getting. At that stage it barely touches the surface. I ordered Photo Perfect Practice by Roberto Valenzuela concurrently as well. So far I feel that is an improved book to read and look at than Fine Art Wedding ceremony Photography. It has more detailed methods, more photos, and principles for a starting to mid level digital photographer.

Can I recommend fine art? I might say it will depend on where in your career you are, and where you are seeking to go. If you have over 2 years in the business and are moderately successful, this book will give you some tips, in my opinion, is actually not desk reference worthy., Jose Villa might just be the best and most popular photographer in the industry. To call him a trendsetter is an understatement. In opposition to all odds, film sales are rising, and if you searched for wedding photography on any top wedding blog, pinterest, or in print, you will undoubtedly see Jose Villa's work (or photographers who attempt to imitate his style and fine-art sensibility). As a long time fan who has listened to podcasts, attended a platform and a master class of Jose Villa's at WPPI, I was ecstatic when I heard he was coming out with a book. As soon as you pick up this beautiful publication, you can explain to that Jose Villa poured his heart and soul in to this project. Not only does this book showcase his beautiful fine-art imagery, but it is a wonderful read for starters and professionals alike. In addition to like anything Jose really does, this book is simple, yet full of depth. I could not recommend this book any more... In fact, after I acquired and read it, I possess sent this book as a gift to a number of photographers.

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