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Amazing. Just wonderful. I hardly ever finish a book. I actually usually just look at the content page to see what I want to learn. Usually, there is too much fluff in most books. Not here, not in this guide. Composed as a metaphor our book's hero tries to find his way in a fresh and unfamiliar world. Such as real life, he gets from opportunity to opportunity, basically surviving but not growing, until... Yes, until he or she finds his hummus. His hummus is the metaphor for Purpose. It's when we find our purpose, our meaning, our calling in life that we begin to thrive. Yet it doesn't conclusion there. A purpose can serve us for the relax of our lives while we are gladly serving our purpose. Our greater purpose is what inspires us all to do what we should do. It puts a smile on our faces even when we have to do the grunt work and when we must do the not-so-pleasant stuff that just needs to get done to get to the enjoyment parts. Now that's when the fun starts for real. Let the fun begin and the future of your true heart's desire will roll in ecstasy at your ft., An amazing inspirational book about finding your calling in life. It’s a easy and simple read filled with little recipes and motivational quotes that help you find purpose even when faced with difficulties …, Amazing read! inspiring, positively put you on course to follow your purpose... every term written is simple but itself is a book... I read it in two days only because I actually am busy, when i feel reading I didn't want to stop until I will be done, I have read it and purchased backup to a sister and the woman family in states to read it, I think the book is a " best gift"... I actually will definitely recommend it..., A remarkably insightful parable about finding and living one's purpose written by a keen observer of life, leadership, and classes learned from a profession spanning journalism, business and academia. The book makes use of hummus as a metaphor for purpose and is filled with pithy quotes through. While it is a simple story and a quick read, the message is heavy and well worth contemplating. At the same time, it's a story that you can read to your children as well, planting the seeds earlier in life for them to find purpose and meaning as they grow into adults. Finally, the book closes with a " Recipe Book" full of questions to help you find your own " Hummus" in order to live a more meaningful life and turn into a more effective leader in life. Well worth reading, pondering and revisiting often!, A great parable for young and old. After reading this book about three times I am still amazed at the strength of the wisdom. Obtaining your Hummus offers the insight that I might wish to receive from a deserving mentor. The workbook segment encouraged me to actually write down my feelings which, of course, brought me greater clarity. I will be ordering copies for my staff, my husband, and my adult children., Because a young professional I actually find the idea of 'finding my purpose' to be an important but daunting task. This book brilliantly utilizes storytelling to show the way you can go about finding our true purpose and the positive impact it can have on our lives and the lives of those around us. The particular book is both inspiring and motivating, in that it offers you the necessary tools for introspection. It is straightforward enough to feel inspired to find your purpose, but finally we have a book that provides the steps/questions to get you there., Obtaining Your Hummus is a unique book about co-joining encounters within our personal and professional lives. A simple message that works with very complex issues in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Often we seek the advice and counsel of others seeking our own reaffirmation; this book handles to suggest this is already within us and our encounters allow us to challenge ourselves and seek a greater meaning about what and how we guide our own lives. Michael Kouly's book is completely comprehensive whether reading to a child or an professional looking to strive higher in their business. Belief in oneself and the reason it serves will always be a recipe for success., This book is a true gift idea for anyone enthusiastic about adding which means to their days and fulfilling their purpose in life. It is a creative guide for personal discovery and and a simple to follow menu book on how to live life fully self portrayed. Michael generously shares his own learnings through a story that can be put on anyone, anywhere, in any circumstance. If youre willing to do the work and look within, you just might find your hummus and learn to fly!

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