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A well written, personal story of a man that short of his fortieth birthday, determined he necessary to change his life and find a new lifestyle.
I find his story uplifting starting from the point most of us find ourselves in, yet, deciding to challenge their own thoughts and concerns, and carve a new path. Doing his research, seeing what worked for him and loving and getting support from others around him.
Thanks for this Rich!, I've been aware of the great things about the vegetarian lifestyle but having developed up with meat as the primary entree it is a struggle to switch.

But through the years as I have attempted to eat a more vegan lifestyle I've experienced some of the advantages that Rich discusses in his book. So as I enter my review I come with no lot of hyperbole and say simply that my anecdotal evidence is that my physical well being always enhances moving to a and so are diet.

I say all that to introduce the book that i think is a good primer in to the whole food plant based diet and lifestyle. I know that there are plenty of books on the subject but if you looking for one to get some good info on this technique of eating then this is a great read.

Rich also details his journey to this design of eating and for some the autobiographical info is not a large deal but I am always enthusiastic about the story behind the choices. So for those who love stories the first part of the book will be enjoyable.

I think the greatest selling point are the references and backlinks to some great resources which I think is worth the cost of the book.

And the man enjoys avocado - that i think is the greatest fruit on earth so he scores big in my book., I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Finding Ultra is an inspirational and moving account of a man not only facing his addictions, middle age and personal fears, but conquering them as well. Mister. Roll has changed into a role model (pun intended,; o) for me. This is a true mid-life coming of age story that shows anything is achievable if we are willing to do the footwork.

The writer holds nothing back as he explains, in detail, how he eats and why. The appendices -- especially -- are packed with copious amounts of information and resources that will get anyone were only available in the right direction towards better health. I cannot wait to begin my new Plant Power Diet., This book could make the impossible possible for you. Viewing Rich's journey from college drunk watching life take flight by to completing the Epic 5, shows everyone can achieve greatness and change who he or the lady is. The perfect book for an uplifting and relatable read., I'm an avid listener of Rich's podcast and also on my own journey towards a plant-based lifestyle. I really enjoyed both aspects of this guide, Rich's autobiography and the in-depth information on the plant-based diet. His story is very uplifting and I definitely look at him as a role-model. Rich is also a very spiritual man and I really enjoyed how certain regions of the book went deeper than merely a " play-by-play" life. I think " Getting Ultra's" only problem is that the book didn't possess a good flow, and it felt like Rich or the publisher couldn't decide whether they wanted the life or nutrition aspect to have the primary role in the book. Nevertheless, I think Rich's inspiring story and the great nutritional information get over the minor disjointed corporation of the book. I will definitely be coming back to this book when I have to have a do its stuff the ass, The great read and very inspirational. A gifted podcaster with a unique capacity to extract the very best from interviews. Very recommend the Rich Move website for the very best in inspirational content. For everyone requiring a kick in the pants, this is your guy!, This is a must-read book for everyone who is would like to be inspired. Rich's story is not only about fitness or about residing life as a vegetarian - it's a story about triumph, about drive and about family. I have followed Rich on Twitter and Facebook for the past year and I knew bits and parts of his life and his story, but this book filled in the entire picture of who he is, where he came from and how he's recently been able to turn his life into one of purpose and accomplishment, well above anything he actually imagined for himself.

Proceed read this book today - I have already picked up copies for my dad, as well as a few of my close friends and I can't wait to hear those reviews. I learned that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it, fight hard for it and always trust your inner-Julie (you'll get the guide soon) which you're never too old, too fat, too stagnant or too tired to make big changes that can eternally alter the span of your life. There are some passages in this book that I have outlined and will continue to look back on for many years to come. Rich's story is exceptional, but it's everyone's story - it's your story, it's my story and it's a tale that will leave you feeling positive and in awe. Proceed read this book today!, Very inspiring. Well written. I listen to his podcast and find it inspiring to improve my lifestyle and this book did that as well. Several interesting stories along with the narrative of how made the journey to and so are athlete.

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