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Finding Our Course
4 out of 5 stars

I love Microsoft Sanders and everything I’ve read by her has been outstanding and this book wasn’t any different. Devon and Bryce have a history and the contacts can’t be stopped.

I loved the way that it wasn’t all fairy tales and sugar for these two, but that they didn’t fight what they both knew to be truths.

AND then you throw in the best friend, Quinn and it’s a party!! I enjoy when secondary characters can pull you through in a novel and Quinn is the most effective book best friends ever.

This was a quick read and I’m so glad that it turned into more because reading Staying on Course was the best decision I made this 7 days!!

Staying On Course
5 out of 5 stars

While I enjoyed Finding Our Method (the novella that started out the story of Devon & Bryce) there was no chance to know that would so deeply tumble in love with these characters. This story had me right from the start and I knew that it was will be hard at some point, but I forced through and I’m so glad I did.

Our emotions were all over the place with this book and I loved every second of it. The romance and secrets and trials and difficulties that lead these character types on their paths is so worth time. Also secondary characters to extra characters took bits of my heart with them in this book. I’m so sad that it’s already over, but so glad I got the possiblity to read it.

Ms Sanders has a wonderful writing voice and this novel changes the way I want to read. I will not doubt be in a serious book hangover after that for a very long time. Thank you for offering us characters that we will keep in our minds forever., I read Devon and Bryce's story a couple of years in the past in order to was released as two books, I loved them then but I will admit I loved their story more now. I don't know very well what the difference was, it could be my frame of mind while reading or it could be that I enjoyed it more now that the stories were together and I didn't have to wait around to read the 2nd publication after the first one ending in a cliffhanger, but whatever it is that changed the great writing hasn't.

We are a fan of Ahren Sanders and I have been for quite a while, I know that her stories will probably be sweet and sexy at the same time and she has a habit of writing character types which i truly enjoy reading about.

Bryce and Devon's story takes us on a windy path, there is no straight road to a Happily Actually After for them, in fact there are components of the storyplot that make you wonder if they may actually find their pot of gold at the end of the offers a. Please be warned that you will need tissues close to by at times, I know I sure did., I fell in love with this author and her books in 2015. I was fortunate to have read both Finding Our Method and Staying On Course in those days and was now in a position to read them in this refined new Duet version - Finding Our Course: Collision Course Duet. The storyplot of Bryce and Devon begins when Devon is merely 12 years old. Bryce is her more mature brother Nate's friend and the three along with Devon's friend Quinn develop together. The relationship expands and matures between Bryce and Devon but it is a long road filled with betrayal and heartache, separation and worry. Now don't get myself wrong there is also a lot of relationship, heat and passion. Sure I like to re-read and it was a pleasure to revisit the world of Devon and Bryce was again., Excellent book! Amazing couple and story! This is certainly one of those reads you come across that pulls you into the story, makes you feel like the characters are your friends. Rarely can you find an amazing story and pair as well as extra characters in books. I loved Quinn and the girl " tormented " words to Bryce.
Hot, sexy, romantic publication with some angst.
This book would make a fantastic movie/ tv set show., Finding Our Course by Ahren Sanders is the Collision Duet and contains the books Finding Our Way remaining on Course.

Staying on Course: Picks up where Finding Our Way ends. Bryce asked " The Question" and Devon said yes to his proposal. Today they're engagaed but both have to graduate and a lengthy distance relationship isn't always easy. Both chase their goals and work on their careers and could possibly be successful. But jealous opponents try to throw a wrench. That almost comes to an end them. Finding Our Method: Devon Harris has a loving and caring family, her parents are great and her brother is a typical protective big brother. After which is there Bryce Randolph. Her siblings best friend. She likes him since forever. On her 18th birthday she has high expectations. These are crushed in seconds by Bryce's fiancé e. She actually is devastated and moves away for college.
Now, 3 years later, Bryce is back and would like Devon back. He's more than determined and contains his sights set on this goal. They're back collectively and after this their love history starts.
Devon is a young lady, she just learns what she wants from life. She's a wonderful student and successful in their field of work.
But they're so young and can a long distance relationship really work?

Finding Our Way and Staying on Course are two very well written books. I love the story and I love the characters. I could go through the characters emotions in what. They wither every tornado and obstacle thrown their way.
Favored Quote: " You are my compass. And my anchor. " Bryce.
I recommend the duet and give 5 beautiful stars. Thank you, Ahren Sanders!

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