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Within the last two decades I’ve read few books which have better summarized the Bible’s underlying redemptive theme than David Limbaugh’s, The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament. Honestly, to me, the publication reads more like the ultimate treasure hunt than a comprehensive summary of the Old Testament’s Messianic message. Every page of the book offered new ideas and wonderful reminders of our own Creator's love for all of us great plan to overcome all mankind through the promised Messiah.

I really like how Mr. Limbaugh first lays out the big picture of Old Legs history so that his readers can then overlay individual books of the Bible and then ultimately the specific messianic prophecies in a manner which really brought out their context. This big picture approach allowed me to see how each part of YHWH's redemptive plan worked its way through the Biblical ages and found its ultimate fulfillment at Calvary.

One aspect of the book which really stood out to me was Mr. Limbaugh's explanation of the Bible’s covenantal promise of the messianic “seed”.

Included in the exploration of that covenantal theme Mr. Limbaugh takes you to Eden and the first allusion to the guaranteed Messiah. He then comes after that promise to Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, John, David, and finally to the fulfillment of that promised seed in Yeshua. Through each and every chapter of this publication Mr. Limbaugh adds color and texture which shows YHWH’s unfailing love for his fallen creation.

Within the final chapter, when Mr. Limbaugh explored the publication of Daniel, I was reminded of just how congruently YHWH’s covenantal theme is woven into the Bible record. In Daniel 9: 4, Daniel pleads with YHWH to keep in mind Their “covenant and mercy”. Doing a trace for this covenant and whim back in time we find it is a quote from Moses in Deut. 7 in reference to the covenant and mercy guaranteed to the “fathers” Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The best root of this assure as it turns out there was the covenant made out of Abraham in Genesis twenty two which as Mr. Limbaugh so well explained was in the end a promise of the Messiah by who all nations of the earth would be endowed. It was there in Gen. 22 that the Bible records the first time YHWH swore a covenant with any man. Appropriately, swore is the Hebrew phrase shaba from which is derived the Hebrew word sheba (seven) and shabuwa (sevens) as in the 75 shabuwa of Daniel being unfaithful. So we’ve come full circle, in Gen. twenty two: 16-18 YHWH swore (shaba) with Abraham what one might call an pledge of sevens, that in his “seed” all nations around the world of the earth would be blessed. That advertise was the very “covenant and mercy” mentioned in Daniel being unfaithful: 4 and prophesied in Daniel 9: 24-27. How awesome!

In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed this publication. If you have one extra Biblical book you read this year on the Messianic promises of the Bible, then allow it be Typically the Emmaus Code: Finding Christ in the Old Legs. This book will improve your faith and comfort your heart in the knowledge that YHWH loves you and that from the very beginning of time He's had a plan to redeem all mankind through the guaranteed Messiah Yeshua., Bravo. A book about Jesus that talks the reader that Their story is rooted and predicted in the Older Testament.
I am a major fan of David Limbaugh and appreciate how easily he describes complex issues.
I plan to give " The Emmaus Computer code: Finding Jesus in the Testament" to many of my friends at Xmas.
No better gift., The Bible? How can you believe in an ancient collection of fanciful myths written by a little group of Hebrews hundreds of years ago? And why would you think such a collection of ancient writings should have any bearing on our lives today?

New York Periods best-selling author David Limbaugh has answered those two questions adeptly in his latest two books. Inside last year’s Jesus on Trial, Limbaugh artfully shows of his journey from skepticism about the Bible to his realization that the Bible is actually true. It’s not an amount of fanciful myths as Limbaugh’s case amply demonstrates, but God’s written revelation to the very creatures This individual created and then emerged to save lots of.
Now Limbaugh is making the more difficult case. Inside this new book, David shows the surprising meaning of the Old Legs.

What? How could the Old Testament, even if it is part of God’s Word, have much bearing on our lives today? In fact, the Older Testament is called “old” not primarily because of its age, but because it describes a brief history of the old covenant that God had with old Israel, much of which contains rules and rules that do not apply at believers today. Not only that, there is a puzzling variety of characters and occasions that, devoid of any historical context, make the storyline very difficult to understand and, sometimes, morally questionable.

“If you are confused about the historical events recorded in the Testament, ” writes Limbaugh, “you will likely find yourself distracted and frustrated as you struggle with its theological messages while failing to perceive Christ’s pervasive presence. But once you grasp the circulation of Old Testament historical past, you’ll be better ready to delve more deeply into the theological principles. ”

The Emmaus Computer code helps you grasp the flow of Old Legs history, and highlights that Jesus is the theme of the whole Bible, from Genesis 1: 1 to maps. The book is cleverly titled because that is just what Jesus declared during his famous post-resurrection walk with two unwitting men on the road to Emmaus. As Limbaugh sets it, “Jesus illuminated Scripture for the two men on the Emmaus Street and did the same for His disciples. The newest Testament is strikingly clear that He affirmed the Old Testament is all about Him. Therefore, if we believe in Him and that all Scripture is God–breathed, as it professes to be, we too must accept that its singular focus is on our Savior. Once you admit that, your understanding and reverence for the Bible will greatly increase. ”

Dr. Norman Geisler (a man who has written more than eighty books) reports that “in the Old Testament Christ is concealed; in the Brand new Testament Christ is revealed. ” Limbaugh amplifies that truth and remarks that, “With the benefit of [the New Testament], we can see truths in Scriptures that weren’t obvious to people in Old Legs times. Based on these revelations we understand those Scriptures in an completely new light—we can easily see Christ on every page of the Old Testament as well as the New. ”

This method to discover the overarching theme of the Bible reminds me of an approach Corrie ten Boom took after hiding and saving many Jews during the Nazi profession of the Netherlands. Inside her public speeches following your war, Corrie ten Growth, who was a Orlando, would address the question of evil by holding up the backside of a needlepoint project the lady had been working on. If you look at the backside, it seems like a mess. Honestly, that is our perspective when we can’t make sense out there of the evil we come across all around us. Nevertheless if you turn the needlepoint over and look at the frontside, you can see how the messy, tangled threads come together to create a beautiful tapestry. That’s God’s perspective. When properly recognized, the Bible is indeed a beautiful tapestry.

So if you’ve ever struggled to understand the unifying theme of the Old Legs and its relevance to your life today, Typically the Emmaus Code will explain to you. It starts with a defense and overview of the Testament, and then shows how Christ is woven through every book of the Older Testament. It’s like obtaining the front of the needlepoint when you've only known its jumbled bottom.

David Limbaugh has written another gem filled with ah-ha instances that will leave you marveling at the Savior woven through every page of the Bible. And it’s just in time to advise us what Isaiah foretold Christmas would be all about—God with us (Isaiah 9: 6)., What a great way to absorb the God-Man found in the Jewish scriptures! Zero wonder two thirds of the Bible is often overlooked by mainstream Christianity--He's in there, loud and clear, but we have to want to look for Him. David Limbaugh's unabashed, matter-of-fact style of handling the main truth is eye-opening, inspiring, and baiting. What if every pastor read this and took it seriously? Christianity would change into what it NEED TO be--personal Jesus, His hands holding ours, His energy bubbling up His people, energizing this " last" generation. " Last? " It's in there. Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh; your private study which only Christ saw erupts in this book, making a tidal wave of minds and hearts., I wish I had developed holding out to order this until I'd listened to the initial audiobook I purchased at this time author. His work is fantastic; very interesting and extremely well researched, but the massive scripture references this individual lists are lost to the listener unless s/he is able to write them down (very quickly! ). Had I " read" either book I purchased in sound format, I would have purchased any other by Mr. Limbaugh in a paper version or Kindle.

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