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I enjoy books about best friends coming together as committed lovers and still stay best friends. Max Hudson brings us a wonderful book about best friends who make a go at a relationship a step higher from friends ~ to lovers. It could not have been more fitting for the book.

Brent and Wesley have already been friends since school and have shared the excitement and dreams as actors in theater. There was nothing either loved more to do than to be actors. At a local theater they have got done many plays in the past for years and with the same director, Roger.

Roger had written his own play years ago but had never brought to the public’s attention due to the gay controversy items that at the time was sensitive to say the least. Now this individual feels it’s time to carry it to life. Regarding the lead roles, Brent and Wesley were appointed to play. This could be a chance for both of them to jump their careers into the huge theaters, so both were excited to do their very best.

But for Brent, he worked as a personal trainer at a local gym to cover his living expenses. While at the same time was involved with his own weight training program with a friend from work named Stanley.

Brent had taken on a large cliental which dominated and demanded almost all of his time. This was not a good mix for an actor who had committed his moment for Roger’s play. With his and Wesley as lead roles others depended on him to be there on time. But that rarely occurred great boss Roger was getting tired and furious not only at Brent but all the late comers who held upwards practice.

Wesley had tried to encourage Brent to take the play more seriously and Brent actually did take it critically, but not seriously enough to give up some of his clients to be able to make it punctually to methods. But it had not been only work that put pressure and stress on Brent and his body. His weight lifting training added and took away a great deal of time at the conclusion of work.

I loved Wesley, and also Brent, but Wesley was obviously a softer, arranged opposite to Brent’s stressed and disarray life; and Wesley was always there for Brent whenever this individual was down and puzzled.

What really added to all Brent was working with was when the two actors had to kiss in a landscape. The reaction Brent had from the intimate link threw him off to learn he liked it but wasn’t ready to acknowledge it. Plus Stanley was homophobic and would ruin his friendship and consumer relationships if he came out. Talk about a torn man.

Max really does a fantastic job in portraying Brent’s precarious behavior within the weeks before the opening of the play. Brent’s feelings towards his best friend Wesley, was one thing, but when Wesley felt the same star-struck times at the same time, they both lost themselves to their hot passion for each other. Nevertheless Brent’s off and on feelings towards Wesley were confusing to the man as what having been to Brent now that a can of worms was opened.

There are many ups and downs, twist and turns to the story. I felt Max’s MCs were real as they went through difficult times of awareness for being straight and another homosexual. The questions without responses would be so typical of the couple’s situation and their deep emotions for one another. Brent may turn on Wesley but he always knew this individual could do not have he out of his life, this individual needed him as his best friend. Trying to keep their relationship a key was draining on both men.

All the characters in the book and the mixed upwards situations were emotional and I was right there feeling it too. Nevertheless nothing was as mental and beautiful as Brent solidifying himself as a person and the development he reaps by going through the turmoil to reach his enlightenment and it all was easily written by Hudson.

I actually found the book to be entertaining and engaging as well as a learning process for both MCs. It is a book I actually would most likely read again. So far I actually have loved all the books I’ve read of Max Hudson and this one is another I would recommend.

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & was voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review., This specific book is so unlike almost all of this type I actually read. Usually there is a straight guy who is attracted to a gay man and they conclusion up together with very few problems. This may not be that type of story. There is certainly so much more....

Brent works at a gym with his homophobic friend. He also has employment as an actor for the area theater group. In the current play he is a man who is fighting his attraction to another man. Playing that character is his best friend is Wesley who as it happens is gay. Brent is having timing issues with his job. He could be a little lost after having broken up with his girlfriend. They can never get to the movie theater on time for practice, and contains not learned all his lines yet either.

During one rehearsal this individual learns he will have to kiss Wesley in a scene. He had not read that part yet, and is slightly taken aback by it. They be prepared and do the scene. Where this individual can not stop getting Wesley. When they finally break apart he is pretty faint and operates off the stage. Wesley goes after him and they complain they are so hot due to the poor lights on the stage.

Days later they get together and kiss again, and Brent realizes he is really attracted to Wesley but he can not figure out his feelings. Luckily Wesley has an out of town trip to visit a homosexual friend of his in California that took his acting to the films. Wesley had told his friend all about Brent and his friend tried to talk Wesley out of a relationship with him afraid having been being used just to improve his acting for the part, great curiosity. While there Wesley friend kisses him and comes on to him, at one time they'd a closer relationship. Wesley wants nothing to do with this and only wants Brent.

As soon as he gets home this individual goes to visit Brent at the gym and they realize they have strong emotions for the other person and it is more than curiosity. They get started to kiss in the locker room and don't realize someone has caught them. They break apart to see Brent's friend has caught them.

Can they restore once they are outed? Will Brent finally make it to practice on time? Will certainly Brent finally give into his desires for Wesley? Will Wesley take a chance?

It is a book not to be missed if this is your type. Even though it is not I think this story is one of the most honest in storylines, it is not all roses..

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & I am voluntarily leaving an honest and neutral review., Finding Home is a boo packed with uncertainty, angst, sexual identity crisis, unfulfilled love, and mental chaos. Brent works at a gym, but his real job is working in his theater colonne along with his best ally Wesley. Brent just can't appear to get it together for this play though. His role is for a gay man and being straight, it offers somewhat of an mental turmoil for him. Considering it would be no problem, this individual finds it difficult to focus on his script, He could be exhausted bot emotionally and physically. His work is draining and he can't appear to get to practices on time. Wesley is gay, and secretly wants his best buddy. Both men have already been having trouble dating. Wesley is worried about Brent and their director is really getting cranked up about Brent being late all the time. A budding relationship between the two men, treachery at work, Brent's exhaustion and sexuality crisis causes more than on problem in Brent's life. It is a book that clutches at you and makes it hard to put down. An excellent read. I voluntarily read and reviewed this ARC guide., Brent and Wesley are long time close friends who find their relationship turning into something more as they play opposite the other person in a play about gay lovers. Their journey isn't easy, as Brent must navigate through his new feelings and the anxiety and fear of anyone finding out. The secondary characters were well written and even the expected villain turned out to be more than one deminsional. This story included a lot of worry, however they do make their way to a HEA.
I read a complimentary Advanced Viewer Copy of this guide & am voluntarily leaving an honest and neutral review.

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