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This guide talks real life with out blowing smoke and smoking mirrors. I must read it again with my note book in palm. I once was sightless but now I can see after reading this specific very informative book., This particular book is the the majority of impactful book I have read about residential reits.

If my life depended on an individual book regarding guidance in starting out in real estate investing, Finding & Funding GREAT DEALS would be my choice. This book offers more information than likely to get from one of those guru seminars.

I'm helping my three children with the initial throws of their particular reits careers. So We ordered the book after listening to Anson on a podcast. I noticed that he has his act together and isn't pontificating typical guru garble. Within an effort to maintain my children from getting overwhelmed I read the particular book first. All about three are now digging within. This book is so good that I was able to outline actions plans for starting their particular investment careers. It combines both strategic ideas and tactical advice how to implement. What a mixture details, it's a one-two punch.

Best yet, Excellent Deals has golden nuggets for the seasoned professional (I'm a housing professional with 30 years experience). I was so impressed, We sent the writer the following email (first-time I've done such):


I recently completed your book. Saying Im impressed is an understatement. I purchased it since a preview for my kids since I’m helping them in launching their particular real estate empires. Truthfully, your book is the better and most actionable real property advice that I’ve seen… ever.

You’ve created the book which is massive value to any newbie with grit and determination. A person didn’t simply explain suggestions and theories – sizzle without the steak. A person provided tactical advice that produces the strategic ideas very easily implementable. I ordered your book thinking I was investing in a burger. Instead, an individual gave the whole cow (with instructions how to grill it). I’m sure an individual know that.

Never to pigeon hole your efforts regarding newbies only. Your publication has nuggets worthy of any investor’s time.

A person my friend are a stud!

Thank you,, As a newbie real estate investor, We picked this up after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and Frank Gallinelli's book on Cash Circulation (I have zero connection whatsoever). Apart from the numerous typos in this book, the particular author literally quoting the movie Dumb and Dumber, and the author's incorrect definition of a cap rate, We really didn't learn much of anything useful. Right after learning about cap costs, cash-on-cash returns, modified interior rates of return, and capital accumulation, I was looking for some useful info within this book regarding exactly how to analyze properties since income streams. I was hoping to read, " Here are the real numbers from real deals that We have done. This is the particular approach that I got and here are the particular reasons why. " Instead, what I got was obviously a smattering of all of the possible approaches of which you might ever employ to discover a distressed house owner - in seemingly no particular order of importance - as properly a 2 page explanation of how to hang the freaking to remain a telephone pole and half the chapter dedicated to trying to explain to me (a millennial) exactly what social media is. This particular book was largely the waste of my period. The bulk of it might have been summed up in a 5 webpage bullet point listing of " words to Google. " I suppose should you do not really know what Facebook is, then that publication might be for you., Although we have completed lots of real estate property deals, getting deals may be challenging from times. I am so grateful that I read this book. I strolled away not only reenergized but with pages of ideas that I can implement immediately to enhance our deal finding activities. Anson's approach was extremely refreshing - strong and detailed content with the no nonsense, down to earth style. If you want to discover more deals in today's market, this specific book is a need to read!, The Book on Finding and Funding Excellent Deals is a amazing resource on the buy side of real property investment. Instead of seeking to touch on each topic in real estate investment (and inevitably failing), Anson Youthful focuses how to buy correct. He walks you by means of all of the ins and outs of marketing to, negotiating with, financing and of course, closing profitable real estate property deals. This publication is a great resource for wholesalers, flippers and those seeking to hold alike., Totally a great read!

I was a high volume LSO ARE Investor in Ohio of which buys and sells 15-20/mo.

Even at my volume level, there's always more to understand and always more ways to grow.

We definitely took away many things out of this book of which will help our group add more deals each month.

Thanks a great deal Anson!, I am so happy with this book. Easy, clear, easy to read, and with great coverage of the matters I required info on as a fresh real estate investor. We belong to a REIA and also have purchased a few of guru seminars nevertheless I believe I would certainly are actually much further alongside basically had started with reading this book., Wow 55 pages in and We have got a ton of specific " this is HOW an individual do it" details. Been researching and listening to Biggerpockets for a couple of months and have discovered a hell of the lot, tune in if you haven't, but Anson took me into some insight and detail that has been text book and entertaining. Thanks a lot Mr. Young!

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