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This is certainly a great book for learning or reviewing basic financial information. There are only 2 things that, I actually think, would have made the book better yet; 1) it would have been nice if it included a CD of an Stand out template for the Appleseed Co. I made my own, and did the transactions, that has been helpful in getting comfortable with the several finacial statements. and 2) If the author would have used the correct " debit" and " credit" terminology with reference to the balance sheet. I know it can technical and not necessary for getting a handle on the 3 different bedding, but I think it's always better to use the correct terms., If you're attempting to develop your financial intelligence, its important to comprehend not only financial terms, but how financial statements (and they're standard in the usa regardless of what industry you operate in) work.

This book will do a good job making a very dry subject interesting and understandable. I feel much more knowledgeable now than I did before reading this book. That being said, just quickly reading through the book will not magically enlighten you. I actually took notes and wrestled with the concepts to achieve the basic understanding I actually now have., I suck at math in basic, so accounting was quite much out of the question. I was anxious at first, worried that this book would be filled with conditions and jargon that would go completely over my brain. But HOLY WHACK this book is awesome!!! I cannot recommend it enough!, FINEST book I've ever read on understanding financials! Plus a solo-entrepreneur for years and not really understood the financials and how they inter-relate until now! I do wish the author would set up a web site where you could work with financial records of the dummy business from the book in a web-based learning format (like you get a transaction, and you have to figure out where to enter in it... ). A legitimate great book, I highly recommend it!, Everything you always needed to understand a financial reports, balance sheets, income claims, cash flow statements and so forth and how they all are interlinked. Brief and direct on descriptions and always followed by the. Typically after a quick description of a finacial transaction, changes on balance sheets, cash flow or income statements are separated into numbered steps that are directly highlighted in the effected statement. On the reports, a corresponding quantity highlights where that transaction is in the report. Thus a change in downgrading that may require 2 to 3 steps will be indicated directly with matching step numbers on the related report. The creator uses a fictional applesauce company for real life illustrations in a pleasant format throughout the book handled with humor such as writing off the reduction on a unpaid expenses by way of a brother-in-law that moves out of business. Beginning with single reports, making you familar one at a time, the author slowly steps up the action using short exercises that show how single dealings can effect all three reports simultaneously. Again by short discussion, step by step examples and then by looking at the corresponding numbered transactions on the reports, the viewer can readibly follow and under stand things and links between reports. Just about all short explanation accompanied by easy to follow examples. The final few chapters provide more written detail on what to look for in reports. The guide can be plowed through per day or two or a long trip to the airport, although bring an extra book or publication as this is a direct, quick and relatively fun read., Thomas Ittelson has done what most authors fail to do: clarify something to starters within an understandable way. I actually cannot say enough good things about this guide. It is aimed at beginners running a business and financing.

Reading, writing and understanding financial statements is essential to business and trading. If you own your own company, and it is growing, you will have to produce financial statemtns of your own. Unless you are a pure momentum investor, one who follows stock prices with no care for the actual company that this price represents, you will need to look at and understand financial data. This is the basis of most trading strategies.

If you look at monetary statement as a series of unintelligible tables packed with meaningless figures, accompanied by mind numbing prose, this book will help you out greatly. It offers definitions of the financial conditions and explanations of financial dining tables, using plain language that a non financial person can understand. The guide starts with simple illustrations, and slowly adds on complexity. If you read the whole book, you will not be an curator, however you will be able to understand the basic concepts of a company's financial reports. This may only represent quick your investing education, or the high point of your understanding, but it belongs in every starting investor's library. Plus trading for over twenty years, and am keep my dog-eared copy in a place where I can certainly find it., Awesome book to learn from scratch. Clarifies things in plain English. And of course, for a fraction of other textbooks or classes.
An ideal 3-4 day crash course in basic accounting and financial assertion analysis., Great book - best way to learn. Works through a startup manufacturer, stock issue and purchase expansion. Over 35 steps displayed on 2 facing pages; description and highlighted financial statements.

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