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This particular textbook was required. The professor's lecture was based on this book. Reading it was difficult. I desired the authors were writing the textbooks to young students that are not in the school of business. In fact, I can understand a chemistry or biology textbook better than this one.

I don't like the book's format. Will be certainly a lot of unnecessary pictures, side notes, and " ethic notes" that could be omitted. They take up a lot of space, and I actually would really like that room to write in the margins. Also, if the products on the side is important, why not merely place it within the paragraph, so I can have space to write my notes. It cost a lot of money to textbook with A LOT of colors. Save money; rent it or buy it used.

7 Impotence or 6 Ed? Same task.

I don't like how the author bolded " important text. " It's irritating and distracting to see unbolded text and then bolded text. This disturbs the flow of reading. In the event the authors were able to write a paragraph in context, as opposed to counting on sentence to do most of the teaching, it wouldn't be so hard to read. The guidelines of economics doesn't apply to books, guys., The book I actually got was kind of beat up. But I actually think I'm giving this a low rating because the access code for this book is essentially the cost of a new guide 0. Which means this is not a dig to Amazon . com, it is a negative review to the publisher. Please check your syllabus before you get the guide and verify you do not need Wileyplus., This textbook is great but has a few flaws. First off, there are way too many problems at the finish of each part that you don't know which to operate at. The author omits why balances for the assets are debits and why the liabilities and stockholder's collateral are credits. The stockholder's equity chapter was a little confusing. Accounting is not the most fascinating subject but spend time looking at the part and do the problems and you'll do alright., This was the book for my first-ever data processing class, and it surely did not disappoint. The chapters may be long and detailed, but they're easy to understand. There are several charts and other visuals to help you understand the concepts more easily. In addition to, there are plenty of exercises of all types at the finish of each chapter, as well as exercise materials in the middle of chapters which means you can instantly review and apply what you've just learned. The professor I had developed for my Principles of Accounting course was really great on his own, and this book was obviously a great supplement, as reading the materials independently helps me process it more easily.

This can be the Oakton Community College version of the book. I actually haven't seen other types of this textbook before, so let me just summarize the actual Oakton version looks like, in the event it will work for you. The definitions for key words are not at the finish of the guide, but rather at the finish of every part. There are 13 chapters and 5 appendices, and they are:
1: Introduction to Monetary Statements
2: A Further Look at Financial Statements
3: The Accounting Info System
4: Accrual Accounting Concepts
5: Merchandising Functions and the Multiple-Step Income Statement
six: Reporting and Analyzing Inventory
7: Scam, Internal Control, and Cash
8: Credit reporting and Analyzing Receivables
9: Reporting and Analyzing Long-Lived Assets
10: Reporting and Analyzing Liabilities
11: Reporting and Examining Stockholders' Equity
12: Statement of Cash Flows
thirteen: Financial Analysis: The Big Photo
Appendix The: Specimen Financial Statements: Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
Appendix B: Example of beauty Financial Statements: The Hershey Company
Appendix C: Specimen Financial Assertions: Zetar plc
Appendix D: Time Benefit of Money
Appendix E: Reporting and Analyzing Investments

If you take this class at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines or Skokie, IL, you will probably have to read 11 or 12 of the thirteen chapters, and 1 or 2 of the 5 appendices., Acquired this book for a class. Provides the basics for accounting, really not much more than that to it. Book has good illustrations. In case you are trying to get a good grasp of financial accounting at a very, very basic level than buy it. I practiced the renting option and it exercised really well. I saved a ton of money. In case you need to buy this book for a class, definitely rent it., Bought this because it was cheaper than the regular text. Needed this for class along with Wiley, and lucky for me it came with it. I was very pleased with this, and because it was loose leaf it was a lot better to just put the material needed in my binder(couldn't do that with the regular text). The cover, and few other webpages ripped on me(partly credited to me) but their adaptability far out-ways the con., As expected, Well, accounting is not really my thing, but obviously had to buy this for a course. The reason this is less expensive than a hardcover guide happens because it's not sure, which I didn't realize until I received it. However, I made kind of a mess of the pages in the start. But on the upside, I actually was able to put the chapters I knew we were going to be using into a 3-ring binder and carry only what I needed (no lugging around an entire book when you only need three chapters). Overall, I would recommend this over the sure version, just be well prepared with your binder and a safe place to keep the unused pages so they don't get all away of order! (Also not sure what this will do with resale value, but I will post to update after my class is over)

Relatively easy to understand - Now i'm an English major taking an accounting class (yikes) and so far so good. I've made it upward to chapter three with no problems!

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