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We purchased this book a couple of weeks ago. Reading the other reviews and the Camilo Villegas' quote directed to the weekend golfer, I had no doubt this was a great book but I was skeptical it was also good for more advanced or advanced golfers.

We am an 8 handicap and without a uncertainty, this book was the biggest surprise I have had in a long time. I have played golfing since I was a kid, practice regularly and had a two-plane swing action. I decided to try the one-plane backswing the result of Tamayo as the proposed make turn swing thought came out very simple to perform and repeat. In reality, it was the easiest backswing I have ever before tried and the results where incredible and immediate. Not only a lot more of my golf shots are now hit solidly, but my accuracy and distance judgment improved dramatically. I am making at least a couple of more birdies per circular.

Regarding the lag part, I finally understood the technical reason of why setting up a good transition instead of coming over the top has such a big impact on the distance attained. ?nternet site have my swing on tape, I could check that I was making a pretty good lag which is why I have always struck the ball long. Anyway, I learned that having the club a little softer increased the lag I produced and I began hitting my driver around 8-12 yards longer with the same effort.

Base line, I HIGHLY recommend this guide to all golf players of all skills that are really enthusiastic about enhancing. After reading many golfing books, golf magazines and taking lessons for years, I seriously believe this publication can help your game more than anything otherwise., This is excerpt from an email I sent to Mr. Tamayo.

I just wanted to share to you that I’m really enjoying your full swing and short game books and having great success. We have always had a pretty good short game which always kept me in the game but your technique is nothing short of brilliant. Regarding “Finally: Typically the Golf Swing’s Simple Secret” my first take away was how it removed so much of the clutter I tend to think about during my golf swing, Secondly, and even more eye opening was being capable to create lag in transition into the downswing. I can’t tell you how I have attempted to establish lag in my swing with little if any success good results . your method for the first time it was clear and executable.

I will conclude in saying thanks for writing a pair of fine golf books that I wish We would have come across sooner but very happy I have them now., Glad it was inexpensive.
This provides a couple of techniques that worked for the writer.
I like the suggestions and the way he presents them, as well as the swing thoughts to use for them.
They help lead to good, disciplined swings.
I have a fairly unique swing that I don't want to change and these techniques help me with my backswing turn.
However they might not work well for others., Mcdougal explains and shows images of essential moves that give the golfer increased precision and distance. Many golf books overwork the two goals by describing every facet of a complex swing action. This author narrows the subject areas to the crucial steps to a successful ball strike, namely set up, backswing with proper provide pressure, and transition to the downswing with lag., These swing ideas have me hitting the basketball better than ever. Typically the set-up, shoulder move, and lightweight grip pressure make the swing unconsciously repeatable. Neglect about your arms, fingers, everything you've been trained to obsess about. We wish I'd had this about 00. 00 ago. That doesn't include time spent. I think anyone who has had some instruction in the fundamentals of the golf swing will improve rapidly in their basketball striking. The only time I mess it up is when I start thinking about what We should be doing. Hey, it's just 7-8 dollars. A sleeve of good balls (3) costs than that., A MUST STUDY!!!!! The simplest technique and changes to the swing that have the highest return... immediately!!!

We read this book over the past week, and utilized some drills at home (without hitting a ball). I took the learning to the course yesterday, and the improvements were noticeable!!!

I had a hard time with the set up at first with my driver during the first few holes (typically my best stick), but saw immediate improvement on irons, specially 7-9! Once I received into properly swinging the club, my iron play improved tremendously! I Additional, normally, a club length for all my irons enjoyed, and the accuracy was incredible. I am a typical +2/+3 boggie player and yesterday I was enjoying +1 golf nearly all of the round.

Once I got the swing down with my Driver, I added 12 yards to my greatest drive, and 7 additional to the average drive all flying straight as a bullet. I overlooked left often, simply because of to a typical alignment set up (aiming left to change for my slice).

Within one single 9 opening round, I saw great improvement to my game, assisting me drop 5 net strokes on front side 9, even though I began +8 on holes one and 2.

I am certainly looking forward to putting these learnings into practice come early july.

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