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We all read this on a smartboard as a sixth grade class and completely enjoyed it. The designs of effort, determination, valor, and teamwork were investigated in a very uncomplicated but touching manner. The students related to Scott's problems and wanted him to succeed. Students wanted to know more about KU. With regard to that reason, I suggest accompanying this story with the article from the Rock Chalk blog about Scott Novosel to give students some added context about the Big 8 game., I had barely unwrapped the package after it was delivered to my house when my twelve yr old nephew selected the book up and read it as this individual walked around the house. He avoid putting it down until having been done reading. Yes, he or she is an avid reader but that one kept him totally interested the whole time. He has now read it a couple of times as has his mother and father. I read it this week, really loved it. Great job Scott!! A great present for any age bracket., I purchased this book for a number of reasons. A few of the reasons were my love of The University of Kansas, KU Men's basketball and Allen Fieldhouse. Also, I am a Jayhawk at heart, class of '91. Not long ago i turned 50 and feel excitedly expecting two grandchildren in the next few months. I had been aware of the book and made the decision I needed it for the book collection for the future grandchildren. I received it in the mail yesterday. The front cover was enticing. I love anything based on a true story! I turned the book as well as took the time to read the reviews. How could Bill Self and Danny Manny possibly be wrong about a review. I realized at this point, the book was for ME and then for future years grandchildren.... I think I will need to get a few more copies. Very first, I went through the book, taking in the images. Scott Novosel and Sam Sharpe put blood, sweat and tears into every page. I really could feel the roar of the group on a game night. Literally felt the atmosphere of Allen Fieldhouse jump off the pages. Subsequent, I went through and read the book. Willpower poured out of every web page. A child and a dream, we all have them. But when you have inspiration along the way, those dreams come to life. Nothing in life is not hard. Practice, practice, practice, then repeat. " Carry out you think you can do it? " and " Keep reaching for the stars and someday, you just might grab one... " This book goes through the world of life all in a basketball fantasy. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!, Awesome Book! Sharing it with all our Elementary Children. They like it!!!!, Scott Novosel wrote a real story, for kids of all age range, about working hard and persevering to achieve your dreams and goals. The image novel illustrations are extremely era appropriate and entertaining. A person don't have to be a Jayhawk fan to appreciate this book., Miracle abounds, or maybe rebounds here. This is a lovely tale of the magic, of the hope, of Kansas basketball. I was blessed to teach Jeff Novosel, and I'm so inspired his message., Awesome, inspirational and a lot of fun to read! I REALLY LIKE IT!!, My being unfaithful yr old daughter loved this book. My hubby is a KU alum so this individual wanted to have it for her.

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