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great book, Fun little book. Not politically correct but I like it like that, Brilliant, culturally informative (albeit politically incorrect), and funny from start to complete..., If you have any sense of humor you will find this book hilarious! Definitely recognize a lot of these women!, "THE BIG BANG, FOLLÓN BELLA" only a few of the female species in the book. This book is hilarious a must have for men and women. We love it! Just got it today and we can't put it down., This book is wrote to be humorous, so it's funny to see people treating it like its a scientific study or a commentary about women as a whole. It will eventually make you laugh and guaranteed you that every person (men & women alike) begins flipping through and seeking to figure out which " type" of girl they, their wife/GF/sister/friend/whatever is and it will be funny. I purchased one for my younger brother that is the eternal bachelor and adored it. (Apparently and so do the women in his life too as they all want to continue to keep it apparently! ) if you're searching for a few laughs, buy it. When you're a FemNazi, you aren't going to like it so save the money., They are just about true. It can't be offensive if it's true can it? Women won't like this but most guys will at least benefit from the pictures., Red Pill/MGTOW

This really is one badass book! This has heavy red pill material and every MGTOW/PUA should check out this. Why not learn from wisdom and the details of the American soulful dynamics. Pure thrilling substantial research occured and undertaken to bring such material to a shining light.

Lessons Learned: Mattress, migratory, Perfect 6, sand capture, nice auss, taco superbe, ledge, immaculate rejection, 49er.


I would not wreak havoc on a caribou barbie.
BBC means something different.
Our favorite would be a mix of southern hospitality, creole, midwest, n a lttle bit of latina, and asian softness and motherly - No NEW YORK

Quotes to research:

Typically the Redneck has a “glorious absence of sophistication, ” 880
the least attractive people in America are now living in Philly. 1246

The Silencer tends to avoid braggarts, bulls*** musicians, and cocky bastards. Finest to keep a low profile and self-deprecating sense of humor. Finnish 1536

The Euro-Mina has something to express, a right to say it, without patience for political correctness. When you can’t handle it, it’s your problem, not hers. 1623

BEHAVIOR: Warm and friendly around people she likes but sometimes snobbish, condescending, and dismissive to others, especially blacks, Asians, and non-Argentines. 1623

FETCH! – YOU DOZE, YOU LOSE The Transformer expects you to take the initiative because that’s what Cuban guys do, especially the older ones. If you hang back and wait for her to act, she’ll assume that you’re disinterested, timid, or insecure, none of which are desirable. 1794

BEHAVIOR: Independent and assertive but sometimes cold, neurotic, and temperamental. (It’s a New York thing). 2071

The Win-Nguyen [win-nwin] 2319

When the face looks Asian however the booty says Latino and she’s got some color, she’s probably a Flip. 2355

Reread: SURE

Thanks for adding Smiles to our faces! Bravo!

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