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Awesome Book, Outstanding book! Should you be dog person, you will like this book., ** Induce warning for allusions to rape, child abuse, household violence, animal abuse, addiction to alcohol, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. **

I first learned Nicole Georges’s artwork situated within the pages of rhymes-with-witch magazine. Instantaneously affected, my adoration only expanded when I learned that Georges was a vegan who referred to her fuzzy sidekick Beija as her “canine life partner. ” Her 2010 Invincible Summer season Queer Animal Odyssey diary still rests in the plastic protective covering it arrived in. (Don’t get worried, I take it out there every once in awhile for much-deserved appreciation. ) I enjoyed her debut graphic novel, IMMORTALS SUMMER: AN ANTHOLOGY, well enough, though haven’t quite gotten around to reading CALLING DR . LAURA. Even so, I can say with 99. 9% conviction that FETCH: HOW A new BAD DOG BROUGHT ME PERSONALLY HOME is her best work yet.

At the tender age of sixteen, Georges adopted a dog as a present on her behalf then-boyfriend and first love, Tom. The particular ensuing back-and-forth demonstrates why you should never give a dog as a gift: despite clearing it ahead of time with Tom’s mother, Tom’s stepfather did not sign off on the offer. Nicole’s mom reluctantly allowed her to keep the dog, but Beija’s many behavioral problems quickly wore her patience slim.

Beija harbored an intensive dislike/fear of men, children, and veterinarians; did not enjoy being picked up or touched on her sides; did not suffer invasions of space lightly; and frequently antagonized/was victimized by other dogs. She was temperamental and required persistence, compassion, and understanding ~ much like her new human.

And so, in a situation so weird and dubious that it seems like the plot of a bad Fox sitcom, you have both sets of parents conspiring to press their teenagers out of the nest and into a seedy apartment, just so they could have a Beija-free home: “Starting now, this present would change the course of both our lives. […] All of this so that the dog. As if we’d had a teenager pregnancy. ”

While Nicole’s relationship with Tom would soon implode, her partnership with Bejia turned out to be for keeps. Through unhealthy human relationships, annoying roommates, professional upheavals, and the trials and tribulations of growing up and discovering oneself, there was one frequent in Nicole life. And if she just so happened to have four legs, a gentle tummy, and spoke in a series of barks, whimpers, and tail wags, so what? Family is what you make of it.

Most of the blurbs I’ve read so significantly focus on the coming-of-age aspect of FETCH (e. gary the gadget guy., it’s not “just” a book about a dog). And while it is indeed that – in fact, at the time of her death, Beija had resided with Nicole for almost exactly half of Nicole’s life – to me personally FETCH is, above all else, a love letter to and everlasting special event of a best friend. A soul mate. A new patronus, to quote Georges. (A daemon, in my vocab. ) The puppies, they will always come before. PRIORITIES.

There’s this one Mutts comic I love: It’s a lovely day, and Ozzie is walking Earl on a long leash. A little heart bobs in a thought bubble above the human’s head. For the right is a quote by one W. R. Purche: “Everyone thinks they may have the best dog. And none of them are wrong. ”

To borrow a expression from an online friend (Marji Beach, who works at another awesome creature sanctuary called Animal Place), it’s clear that Nicole considers Beija the best worst dog ever. Their love for one another shines through every -panel and page, making the inevitable goodbye extra tragic. It took me a full week to read the book, just because I couldn’t bear to face the last 40 pages.

I think it’s safe to say that beauty with the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to Fetch, and animal lovers will take something a little extra special away from their experience. When I say “animal lovers, ” We mean both in the traditional sense – i. at the., those who care for culturally appropriate animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits – as well as those of use who extend that circle of compassion to all nonhumans. You will find precious few comic books that I could call overtly vegan – only two come to mind, namely Matt Miner’s rLIBERATOR and THE ANIMAL PERSON by Grant Morrison ~ and I’m happy to add FETCH to the list. While Georges only drops the v*-word (vegetarian or vegan) a few times, she does introduce visitors to animal rights issues in a gentle, delicate way. If you’re not searching (and I always am! ), you might just miss it.

Although all the better to sneak into your depths of the mind, worming and niggling and prodding you to think about the face on your plate or the skin on your back again … to see them as someones rather than somethings, more alike than different from the dog snuggled up next to you or fast asleep at your feet.

We especially loved Bejia’s manifesto, “I am not really a packed animal, ” which surreptitiously introduces readers to the idea of intersectionality: “It’s kind of like feminism, but for dogs. ” That collection (along with countless others) literally had me screeching for joy. Little Beija-Boo – luxury ? a shar pei-doxy mix? corgi and beagle? to know! – is adorable and tubby, even as she’s suggesting to back the eff off.

I could go on and on – about the many weird parallels between Georges’s life and mine; about how precisely I see parts of Bejia in my own dogs; about the many ways, both large and small , and that my loved ones and We have adapted our daily routines and very existences to better accommodate our four-legged family members ~ but suffice it to say that Fetch is a must-read for everyone who is ever loved (and lost) a dog (though you might like to wait until the damage isn’t quite so fresh ~ the ending is freaking brutal).

Ditto: anyone who just likes good storytelling or quirky artwork. We know I’ve focused on the nonhumans for most of my review – hello, that’s how I do – but even those rare scenes sans doggos are beautifully rendered and engaging.

In summary: GET is easily my favorite book of 2017 thus far, graphic novel or no.

** Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this guide for review. **, Not the well-versed heartwarming story of a young lady and her dog, this book succinctly illustrates the real-world difficulty and weighty responsibility of sharing life with a less than perfect dog. The work also captures youthful impetuousness and its inevitable effects. It also conveys the depth of a hard forged relationship between human and canine, along with the comfort it can provide. No excuses or details, the author simply shares her story. The guide is unblinkingly honest.

The particular life lessons contained in this memoir are revealed largely through actions necessitated by being the young guardian of a badly behaved dog. After being raised by a less than present mother the author does not have a solid life formula to follow when it comes to caregiving.

But, she would not gloss over or round-off the sides to make her history more palatable. Instead, she quietly yet precisely provides the method by which we humans, sometimes painfully, learn and grow through a series of mistakes and missteps. As I read We sometimes cringed but wished she would find her way through, but part of the way through the book I stopped being concerned.

The work is relatively dark but compelling reading and valuable if for no other reason than this story may cause fewer dogs finding their way into unstable situations through informal acquisition. We found the artwork interesting and the perfect accompaniment for the storyline. If an issue, there is a tiny amount of obscenity. Maybe better suited for an older teen, but like all books it is best to choose based on the individual recipient., This graphic memoir of a troubled girl growing up ready mixed-breed dog is much bigger than We thought it would be, with over 300 big pages, most of which contain detailed drawings in a comic book format. There is not much funny about this story, though, which is at least as much the story of the author's unhappy years as a child, struggles with depression and self-harm, and her search for her sexual identity as it is the storyline of a bad dog. I will be a dog-lover, and I anticipated laughing at misbehavior that has been funny, but poor Beija is a timid dog whose problems just aren't funny, either to the master or those around them. The focus is instead on the relationship between the owner and her pet, and how love for Beija styles her life. I think teens will enjoy this book more than their parents, who will dsicover by themselves noticing that the author's mother's help is a key component in her to be able to keep her dog, despite her many complaints about her upbringing. Teens can focus instead on the author's life in Portland's jerk scene, her romantic entanglements, and her desire to tell animals' stories. Any person who has ever lost a pet can empathize with Beija's last days and the way owners can start out making fun of the Rainbow Bridge poem and ending upward sobbing. Ultimately this is an real and affecting memoir., This sweet, amusing, bodacious (meaning it is LARGE, and filled with great drawings! ) and wonderful book is a comic about a dysfunctional girl and her equally ODD dog. Nicole and her dog Beija, a fierce mix of sharpei and dachshund wrangle their way through life's ups and downs attempting to understand what is important and what isn't. It had been hard for Nicole until she got Beija. When Beija came into her life she ultimately learned what love is absolutely all about.
If you love animals (especially dogs) and you like to laugh, Retrieve: How a Bad Canine Brought Me Home will draw you in and maintain you engaged through all of its copious pages. It even has the offers a bridge in here, so watch out if you tend to cry,
I thought this was terrific!

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