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This particular and Julia's other book, Inconceivable, truly changed my life. I was so captured up in despair about my associated with infertility that I in the beginning found it hard to glean positive lessons and advocate for myself in a way that was productive, literally or emotionally. Reading Julia's books, attending her course in Woodstock, and participating in her telephone circles moved me to take charge of my fertility and channel my energy towards positive imagery and positive change in my life, which eventually directed me to become expectant with my son, against all odds. Despite needing medical intervention, I am sure that if We didn't have Julia or the lessons I discovered from her on my side, we wouldn't have our beautiful, healthy baby boy now. He is almost 10 months old, and even though that journey seems like a lifetime in the past, I still use Julia's lessons daily- her ideas transcend the struggle to have a kid. But, Julia's work is especially a godsend to those with fertility challenges. I cannot recommend her books, and the girl work, highly enough., This time last year I was feeling so low at another year passing with no child around me and this year, I am spending Christmas with my family and my gorgeous son!
We first read this book about two years in the past when my efforts to have a child were not bearing any fruit and I was dropping hope. I will never forget what a direct effect “The Fertile Female” had on me when I first read it! I can remember sitting on the underground in London coming home from work and the first few pages brought tears to my eye and the sunshine flooded in and made the world seem fresh and sparkly…a world where anything can be done. It was pure joy to see how my longing could be celebrated and that I could dare to reach out and meet my child half way.
I see the book and re read it several times. It became my everyday companion, so many notes scribbled and underlines. I cut out beautiful baby pictures and filled the book with images and other quotations I found, a party of what was in the future! This book really changed my whole life!, In case you are struggling to get pregnant than you know it may take a toll emotionally and literally. My husband and We have been trying to have a baby for almost 3 years and have gone through the expensive and invasive treatments made available from RE's who have few tools in their toolkit and do not treatment to treat the whole patient. I came across Julia's website in Sept '13 and read her textbooks and purchased her Compact discs. I attended one of her workshops in Nov '13 and started training the techniques she has spent 20 years perfecting. By Jan '14 we got our first positive being pregnant test ever! Her method of healing can be applied to any challenge in life, not just infertility. The girl empowers you to feel, think and act for yourself and also to not be suckered in by the " fertility professional complex".

I suggest this book (and the CD's) to anyone looking to create space and healing in their lives and also to get healthy and happy so you can have that biological child you've always wanted., In case you are struggling to possess a baby, feeling frustrated and isolated, this book provides much-needed empowerment. The book describes in detail specific dietary, lifestyle, and positive imagery practices that helped me to figure out how to truly manage myself and also to dig deep into underlying issues and lifelong patterns that might be holding me back. At various times I have already been on a very holistic path to pregnancy and have also used ART, and in either situation this book (as well since the author’s other book, Inconceivable) has been an incredible resource that We continue to reference. I am grateful to have found Julia’s books, which directed me to her website, blog, and Fertile Center community events. This work offers an large number of healing and tools that are useful well past the quest for a baby., i loved read this book, it's like a really wise good friend speaking to you and offering the most loving support.
i love all the metaphores used to describe the girl ideas and the exercises given to help you be more near yourself and your dreams.
actually it's helpful for anyone in any situation.
i commence the dream reading and it amazes me, i thought it might be hard but in fact things comes to my mind quite easily and clearly.
we have all the answers inside us already, we just have to find them.
cant wait to test other exercises and discover myself and be ready for my life and my baby to come, because he/she will., This book is a powerful tool in a folks trip through their fertility struggle. I read this book after Julia's other book Impossible. After multiple miscarriages, and two different RE's showing me ART was our only option I needed something to remind me what I felt was possible for me not what someone else advised me was possible. This particular book along with the imagery, body truth, and support circles has well guided me for an even much deeper personal knowing about my past, present, and future. My journey is still unfolding and I might add that ART may be an option for us. I know now that my choices are being governed by my own knowing and unfolding as they should be., We read ‘Inconceivable’ a few years ago and again this weekend when the Dr’s told me that my bloods were going down and I would miscarry. I was 40 and became pregnant through IVF.

I just wanted to help you to know that after much sobbing and heartache, your book is the only thing that gave me some hope (and calmness) not only will We at some stage be successful but also it could happen naturally. I have been advised to go back for a treatment as soon as possible but am positive that if I do some of the things the book suggests, it would help.
Thank-you for a wonderful book and for that sound of hope that it instills.

I subseqently browse the Fertile Female which was informative and restorative. I'd suggest both books for anyone experiencing this struggle.

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