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It did not cost me personally a penny nevertheless the time I spent reading was a loss. I halted reading. First, you do NOT EVER ferment in tightly sealed jars, so your advice about the ideal vessel is way off. Lactofermentation was taking place in open crocks long before tightly sealed jars found their way into our hands. Seal a cup jar tightly and in a few days the internal pressure from all the CO2 created will result in a bomb. Congratulations Ms. Goldenbloom your poor advice just cost a reader stitching or an eye; I hope you have insurance!
Next up WHEY. You will find different types of whey. Sweet whey, acidity whey, cultured or not cultured, mesophilic or thermophilic. Which should a reader use as starter in a raw veggie levain? NONE- the lactic acidity producing bacteria in energetic cultured whey are of the Dairy subsets not veggie. Use live, energetic cultured whey in a batch of raw greens and you are on your way to soft, mushy, slimy veggies. A person can use live whey powder in fruit-based ferments though. In fact, your kvass recipe with fruit, water and honey is NOT a lactoferment but actually a yeast driven soda... give a tbsp live whey powder per cup and you may likely increase LABs to the yeast party. Use grocery store yogurt, strain it for whey and you need to maintain a temp of 86-120F, those are THERMOPHILIC cultures you have added. If you fail to maintain that temperature those cultures do not grow, no starter in use. MESOPHILIC culture based whey is exactly what you seek as a starter culture; the whey from milk kefir, raw milk clabber, natural sour cream, even cultured whey from mesophilic milk cultures that creates scrumptious yogurt-like products: Matsoni, Viili, FilMjolk, Piima, Langfil. Mesophilic milk cultures usually thrive at 70-77F, interestingly that range mirrors lactofermentation of greens & fruits with a full range of 60-80+F, ideal 64-72F with key notes that as temperature exceeds 74/75F the probability of isolating unwanted yeast and other microflora (strains of bacteria & fungi) increase. Natural Lactofermentation proceeds thru stages and the early stage is most critical in terms of proper temp required. Overly warm batches ferment quite fast and often conclusion in soft, mushy outcomes without so flavorable/favorable results.
Probiotics - its not all Lactic Acid Bacteria is a probiotic strain. Not every ferment is a source of probiotics. Kombucha has NEVER been found to be a regular source of probiotic microflora, read [... ]

There are many well crafted books on the subject, and however this is NOT one of them. This is an occasion where half star ratings would be useful, as this book really should not get a great one.
Not waste time, don't buy the book, even if free., This is a excellent book for not only the beginning fermenter, but those who are experienced. The water kefir recipe is repeated so that is not good. Does it mean that a recipe was still left out or what? We won't downgrade it because of it. I feel especially intrigued by the " coconut milk yogurt" recipe, but there is some vagueness in the sort of yogurt starter culture. We am not sure that regular yogurt starter culture works with coconut fat free yogurt. We are also very thinking about the Fermented Pineapple Chile Chutney recipe, but it fails to range from the amount of salt that is necessary to ferment 10 cups of pineapple, 2 cups of raisins, 2 cups of walnuts, 2 chili peppers, 4 yellow onions, 4 inches of grated turmeric and lemon juice. This runs specifically true of the Fermented Peach Chutney. No amount is given in the components section, but under instructions, salt is listed., Fermenting is pretty easy but this guide has folks using whey and salt to make sauerkraut really? never did might don't know why you would I have made tons of kraut with just salt. Right now if you can't have salt there are other ways but this publication is supposed to be for beginners. Vegetable ethnicities? what why? I have never used anything but what is in my house to ferment! also why are you cooking your salsa? doesn't that destroy the good stuff in the veggies?, I knew much of the info, but this is valuable, expeciallly if one is just getting started. It's better to be educated than fly by the seat of your jeans in regards to fermented foods. Good book., I will eventually get around to making nearly all of these recipes. They do look scrumptious and then for the most part, simple, Simple, straightforward, 'I can do this! ' explanations and a wide variety of simple but stimulating recipes make this little book a terrific 'starter kit' but also helpful for people who already ferment., I like the basic information in the recipes and the ease of following, Excellent starter book for start fermentation. Lots of great recipes to get you started. Would have enjoyed numerous choices for substitution.

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