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I was really surprised, this will be not a lady bashing book. The author gives good examples of how modern feminism uses fear tactics to keep women in perpetual victimhood and encourages girls to engage in a lifestyle they will will likely regret once they mature beyond clubbing and hook-up culture. He makes a compelling situation using original quotes, peer-reviewed studies, legal cases, plus first-person narratives. I’ve arrive away with a broader understanding of how privileges and privileges for females evolved in the US. The author clearly cares concerning women and men plus wants a society within which both can end up being happy together.
I would recommend this book to Moms, Fathers, and kids more aged than 16., I thought that We knew it all whenever it came to the particular destructive nature of the particular feminist movement. As a child of the early 1960's I've lived via the " bra burning" feminists from the Women's Liberation movement. My mom shuttled me and my sister to be able to all the events wherever feminists used to alert me, at age six, not to become the guy they hated. I increased up with the hate spewed by feminists such as Gloria Steinem, Billy Blue jean King, Jane Fonda, Précieux as well as the list went about. These women raised their fists in solidarity since they spat hateful venom at anything masculine. We grew up with Microsoft. magazine and Playgirl. Feminists even showed me Burt Reynolds nude spread within Cosmopolitan when I had been only 9 years older.

I later learned the particular CIA's involvement in Steinem and the birth of feminism as a means to get more tax dollars from working ladies for war efforts. Breaking up family members was the particular endgame of their plan so they can deteriorate the family bond plus indoctrinate the children within schools.

This book digs real deep into the particular the who, what, wherever, when and why feminism was funded. An attention opening, jaw dropper from learn to end. Some of that I knew all along with greater detail. If a person want truth to hit you right square between the eyes, this will be it.

TheXYGhost. com, While reading through " The Feminist Lie" I myself, had been fairly aware to a lesser level of the facts presented in the book. Despite this however, when studying the quotes from different feminists, sourced facts, plus the accounts of the particular real events which have happened to individuals because of this of feminism in society, We often found myself having to put down the particular book and take a break from reading credited to an internal invective swelling from what will be contained in this guide.

The tone of the book is that of a person speaking to a person that expresses his thoughts and feelings to a person in his words alongside the particular facts and sources, of which it smoothly flows together. I bring this upward because for some people(namely those of an other viewpoint), they could discover themselves getting stuck over the way he chooses get a point throughout, yet they'd be tough pressed to acutally end up being able to refute virtually any of the exact point by itself.

The only real cons I can think of are some spelling plus grammar errors I've noticed through my read, plus that some thin-skinned persons may get upset along with the way the author speaks at times. Most individuals should be aware of just what the word/phrasing is expected to be, and of which this is his first created work as well.

While We currently have the book digitally at this moment, in case it is possible for a patch or revision to be able to tidy up the aforementioned spelling/grammar errors I happened to be able to spot before I eventually order my physical print out copy, that'd be awesome., I have nothing yet high praise for this book. The Feminist Rest is an accurate information of today's society and just how feminism has played an important hand in it.

The second I finished studying the book and place it down, I seated back on the chair and started thinking about how exactly society has become so damn screwed up. This made me much more conscious of gynocetrism, Hypergamy, the particular Duluth Model, and breakup and family courts. This book in no way, condition, or form, bashes ladies. You could have to place the book down a couple times because you Can get pissed off.

This will be the book I may give to my nephew when he starts higher school. This is the book every single son, father, brother, granddad, and grandfather should possess in their book series. This is the book every man should own.

Thank you Mr. Lewis for this book. It has opened my eyes also more to how modern society really is. You can turn out to be red pilled once you have finished it.

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