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Mikes' teaching of the golf swing is merely what I have searching for, this method has allowed me to swing without the pressure and the strain that put so much stress on my body. The book also has some excellent points on the mental aspects and fitness and health elements of golf. I would recomend his youtube . com videos an additional excellent source and a great way to supplement the book., This was a great book and am have experienced a opportunity to meet Robert Malaska at Las Sendas Golf Club in Comensales, Az. His techniques would be the finest I have ever been subjected to. If you are considering bettering your game look up David Ryan at Huffmangolf. com in Mesa Az. David worked with Mike for years during his professional playing golf career and is an extremely accomplished instructor as well. Forget what you think you know, If you are serious about bettering your game I can guarantee you are unable to go incorrect learning from either of such instructors., This a simple read and found several gems within that made considerable improvement to my swing action, and my understanding of my swing. I've ready many books on the subject and would rate that one among the best., The truth is, I already obtained what i needed from watching his youtube videos.
My game just took off like a rocket after following Mike's instructions.
My driver is unbelievably good now thanks you MIKE!
Our iron plays are just as good.
I purchased his hardbound book as a way to thanks Mike.
A number of u are complaining about how precisely the publication is a disappointment... bla.. bla.. bla..
Now comon'... if your game improved from observing his videos, then at least give the man something back for his works., Thanks to this book and few Mike's videos on youtube my long game improved significantly just within few weeks. Honestly I feel -less I use my figure more regular I am with not compromising my distance. After years the best book I read. Concepts in the book make more sense then some other and it is justification is clear. A minimum of for me is working great. Thanks Mike you restarted my golf again!, Robert Malaska is a great golf instructor. I've read and listened to them all. I've settled on his approach as the primary source for guiding me personally to maintain an efficient, repeatable swing. Mike speaks clearly about the swing such that you can really understand how your swing works. He doesn't just simply tell you what to do, but he clearly explains the physics and geometry that his instructions use to get the results you can experience. This good, solid instuction., My first ever review on Amazon.

Just done reading the kindle version and I have to highly recommend Mike's publication.

I've taken several classes over the course of 4 years and Robert has the ability to distill all the information I've learned into a clear and organized manner. The section on the arms as rotators was huge aha moment for me personally. Being a right palm dominant person playing playing golf left handed, I just focused on hitting a tennis back hand down the line. Results were improved compression and path with much less strain with far more consistently. Effortless power not powerful work.

I look forward to trying Mike's method of chipping and pitching next., This is the best instructional book I've ever read about golf. Robert nails it in all phases of the game and I look forwards to reading it again.
However, the printer should be defeated severally about the brain with a 9 metal. It's very difficult to read white print on a pale yellow history
or even white on a pale eco-friendly background and they do it throughout the book. Furthermore, some of the factors are repeated but, perhaps there is a reason for that. This content however, and the method Robert uses for teaching is obviously 5 star.

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