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A fantastic book for self expression and goal setting. Chan presents effective exercises to identify the reader's interests, and provides direction in developing the courage to work past fears and live
the fulfilling life we we see for ourselves., Having read a amount of books in the personal development genre, We can say that Fearless Passion by Yong Kang Chan is one of the good ones. Some other self-help books I've read in the past have felt a bit like hard work to get through with gregario reeling off of advice, but this book really was pleasant: the writing flows well, uses easy-to-digest language, is plainly laid out, is easy-to-follow, and is blended with interesting real-life tales and activities of the author and of men and women who have sought a way of living a life of doing what they love. The vibe of the book is positive, upbeat and motivating. We felt like I was talking with a friend who was giving me a striking verve talk!

Yong Kang Chan provides practical advice, thought exercises and written exercises for how to discover your passions, how to let go of any fears that may be holding you back, and even provides advice about how to go about finding and implementing for the job of your dreams. The guide is so thorough it even has a area about how to deal with unsupportive friends and family!

After reading this, We definitely felt like I experienced a few more ideas about what actions to take towards uncovering new interests and the book inspired me to get started on applying some of his suggestions into my life. A few days after finishing his book I found the motivation to get started on teaching myself film-making as a prospective new passion; something which I'd seriously considered doing for years but hadn't found the motivation to actually do until his book offered me the final press Required. Bottom line: a truly valuable, helpful read!, Just to let you know, I received a free review copy of this book in go back for a respectable review.

Fearless Passion is a guide where the author, Yong Kang Chan, draws on his very own life activities to assist your own interest. He takes you through the various stages of leaving his own profession, finding temporary employment with HBO Asia and the various bits about learning of his passion, animation. In addition to that, but the author has collected all sorts of stories from varying people and what they performed so as to overcome the obstacles and find their own way to passion.

The first thing I like is how the writer draws from his own experiences. In many other books I've read in this fashion, it seems like it's possible for those authors to become conceited. However, this author will do a particularly good job of using scenerios that we can all draw some experience from. He talks, in varying chapters, about things many people experience during childhood. Several illustrations are things like class room and school related, learning new things like using a bike, bullying, and other things many people will have experience of. Likewise, other examples can be very general and he references movies, books and famous people.

Whilst the book gives you support on following your passion, it also offers you tips about how to do it in case you haven't got a passion. It encourages you to look at yourself and locate what you truly enjoy. When you've found your interest and determined what you want to do, after that it gives you a bunch of information on what you might want to do. It questions whether you'd probably like to do it full/part time, what kind of goals you'd like to acheive and even how it might affect your family and friends. I think the most valuable piece of advice in the book is the way of subtley transitioning into your passion. That, for instance , you might not want/ be able to leave your job, so it gives you tips about how to stay focused with your passion while giving you the time to leave your task appropriately.

It's quite well written and offers you a lot of information and ideas towards what you can do to follow your dreams. My only thought is the fact that some of the text might not be totally relevant to everyone. In that respect, you don't have to follow everything the book says. It can essentially just a guide. One person might use various things from the guide, taking whichever portions they find inspiring or helpful, while another might use different bits entirely. We did like the way that the writer scouted activities from other people as well, drawing using their different activities to illustrate his points.

Overall, I do believe is actually worth five stars. Since above, I've mentioned that it's written well and the author has a lot of good details, arguments and examples as to the situations you might face once you have decided to follow your passion., Admittedly We am a geeky personal help reader.
I have read all the classics from Napoleon Hill and W Clement Stone and Earl Nightingale,
and enjoyed the more recent experts including Zig Ziglar, John Tracy, Wayne Dyer and others.
Therefore I know the information presented in many freshly published books is extracted from those classic ideas.

Exactly what Yong Kang Chan brings to the field is not only a fresh strategy but also new illustrations of others who have succeeded, including himself.
I appreciated his anecdotes reinforcing the guidelines he or she shared.
The exercises included were simple enough but succeeded in getting me to think much deeper about WHY I want what I want.
He reminds us that we have to do more than THINK absolutely. We have to add emotion and take action.
No issue what result you get from your action, positive or negative, to put it to use as a learning experience and a new starting point.

Some may feel they have no passion; others can not decide from many passions.
This book is a wonderful start point to choosing a passion to follow.
Yong Kang Chan also tells us all, it is OK to change your mind along with your direction during your journey.
So if you can not fail, what is holding you back? What are you afraid of?

Used to do get a free copy of the book from the writer, but I read it completely and this review is my own viewpoint.
Yong Kang Chan also provides free chapters on his website if you wish to see more.
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