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I actually stumbled on this publication after years of dealing with growing fear, anxiety and anger-related issues that were tremendously impacting my private and professional life, robbing me personally of a good nights sleep and just plain making life miserable. After i purchased this book, I actually was battling moderate depressive disorder that was transitioning to be able to serious depression, That i knew of I actually had to act quickly before it completely incapacitated me. I noticed inside the comments that somebody had recovered from your moderate depression and I had also heard talks simply by Thich Nhat Hahn online which attracted my interest with their 'unconventional' approach. I used to be ready to place any good advice into practice and not just with regard to the short term.

Not really only was the simply reading of this publication comforting and relieving with regard to me, however the exercises that introduces allowed me to transform worry in an unconventional method. Though in the existence of extreme emotions, maybe even in a panic strike, my first reflex has been to run, to find a way to escape, typically the exercises recommend meeting that head on - yet not with aggression or perhaps in a challenging method as proposed by some of the inevitably flawed techniques I have tried - but along with compassion, curiosity and issue. Thich Nhat Hahn indicates that we observe our emotions, acknowledge them - even handle them along with the concern we would certainly to get a crying baby through deep listening - and get started to work our way back to the existing moment, back to yourself.

By sticking to typically the exercises in this publication and filling my brain with good food with regard to thought (reading more textbooks on this subject, observing dharma by Thich Nhat Hahn on youtube), I actually moved from being consumed by despair, fear, aggravation and the psychosomatic sickness that accompanies it to be able to being on the highway to recovery. About 4 and half weeks following starting the book and encountering 'Thay's' approach to be able to 'the art of suffering' We are working again at full capacity, sleeping through the night for over 2 weeks now, restoring a harmonious relationship to my relationships and beginning to enjoy life again, which is no tiny feat considering where I actually started only a month ago. I am also experiencing a clarity regarding mind that I possess almost never experienced. Because my back was up against a wall, I actually started practicing his exercises straight away and multiple periods each day in a gentle and cautious fashion. I actually believe that this and great food for thought have been what got me back again on track - without having drugs or any other treatment of any type.

I have read several books how to handle fear, phobias and panic attacks, still my depressive disorder and anxiety continued to advance and cripple my existence even more. I stumbled on the books by Thich Nhat Hahn quite literally within my darkest hour. I actually hope that my tale can give others inside crisis and despair typically the hope to carry about. Barely a month following starting this guide, I feel largely restored, but still possess a ways to go so I will be continuous to practice also to acquire insight through introspection, mindfulness and reading more Thich Nhat Hahn not to be able to mention others like him. As I regain our strength, I am required to share this experience to assist others suffering just like I did., I have persistent problem with FEAR. Fear of loss, fear regarding death, fear of low income, fear of aging, worry of criticism and anxiety about failure, and I possess tried many ways to be able to conquer my fears. From the 1st chapter Thich Nhat Hanh told us about his come across regarding a young soldier in an isolate aircraft area. The soldier feared him as they thought this monk was a Vietcong in disguise. The soldier was " conditioned" to fear. Then I actually just had an " a-ha" moment on this. My persistent fear was conditioned also, by ME. I trained myself to become fearful all these years. So our way out of worry is to un-condition all of them. One by one.

I love all the books of Thich Nhat Hanh. Every publication is written in an exceedingly easy style and so gentle. No fuss, just a extremely compassionate feeling throughout typically the book., I love his / her books. His books are an easy task to understand and helps me think, understand and change for the better., This is a superb book. I uncovered that will overall it helped me personally fight fear.

My favorite section on this book contains information about how precisely you cannot take it with an individual. This helped me typically the most.

Highly recommended.

a few stars!, I found this specific book very beautiful, extremely moving, and extremely helpful with regard to dealing with my fearfulness. Actually, I felt so thankful to Thich Nhat Hunh while reading it, that will I was in tears of gratitdude to him for writing this incredible book for all enduring human beings. My center was filled with really like for all in tiny crying screaming babies continue to suffering within me and was able to embrace them along with love, rather than wanting to be able to throw them into the garbage with regard to not being able to be able to grow up. We are 84 years old and up to now all this specific was frozen within me personally and I was frightened to go there; I am going to go further and state I was unable to be able to go there -- absolutely nothing could make me take a look. I can now get started to really love all our inner babies and kids and embrace them, as well as those regarding associated with us human beings. I then got inspired to read his publication Reconciling with the Internal Child, which was even more inspiring and helpful. These books are really gifts to the world from a great getting., Just reading books regarding Thich Nhat Hanh starts your healing. It feels like you are conversing with the wise guy, who slowly guides you to definitely mindful breathing, mindful existence and mindful living. Really like every line in typically the book, will reread when I feel the require., I enjoy the simplicity inside his writing. Incredibly inspiring. The meditations are lessons in living. I've discovered so much. I will definitely practice what he preaches. It's transformative and gorgeous. Forever grateful., A good publication to learn the art of mindfulness. I feel myself living a very stressful life and its very difficult to actually care for your current body and mind yet this book gives some really nice ideas to instill mindfulness in our daily life

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