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I've read all types of vampire stories but never one in regards to a fat vampire. Thank You! Truant for this incredibly genius concept that you chose to develop.

Reginald is extremely amiable. You feel bad for him simply because of society's views and criticism on fat individuals; which this individual has were required to deal with his whole life.

I suppose I grew over my sympathy and pity for him, when he clearly showed he did practically nothing to change that aspdet about himself, regardless of health issues. Not i found that to be a real issue. This sort of added to the already witty banter this individual had with his manufacturer Maurice-who just happens to be one of the oldest vampires and a lot disliked by the Council-majorily made up of newbie vamps in comparison-and who on a whim chose to turn Reginald rather then let him die. A trait Personally i think was very respectable of his maker.

Maurice is tough, but this individual is also clearly caring, protective, and loyal.

The moments that were most entertaining were Reginalds failed attempts at feeding. Particularly the previous ecounter he had with the man on the bench. That one was priceless and an extremely memorable moment. It had been a pivotal moment for Reginald. That and when this individual was told he would be executed. I feel that would snap anyone out there of their funk.

I suppose the only issues I had developed were in respect to Nikki. She was introduced to the tale in such an odd manner. She just literally arrived ouy of nowhere and we as readers were suppose to just spin with her back tale.

Regardless of that introduction, I liked her and I loved that she, alongside with Maurice, saw his worth no matter his weight.

Reginald definitely made up for his physical missing, with his brains and it showed. I can only imagine the episode that has been set in motion.

The introduction of Claire was fairly sweet and it just sealed the offer for me in regards of Reginald and him as a person/vampire.

I'm looking forward to how this story develops.

Definitely recommend., From the very first page, I was rooting for Reginald to beat the bullies in his life, human and vampire alike. Recommended for those who like vampire stories but want something fresh., I indexed the first guide in the series many months ago, but it didn't interest me. I read the Unicorn Western saga by mcdougal, and I loved that, so I decided to go back again and give this a try. I also got a review copy of the audiobook, so I listened and read this simultaneously.

I enjoyed the story. I thought it was just going to be your typical parody, but it was fresh, original, and hilarious---probably mostly of the stories this year that actually helped me laugh out loud while reading. It was well-thought out and plotted, and there were some terrific personality development moments in the story. It's definitely a parody in every sense of the word, but it's much, much deeper than you think.

I won't give too much away, but I thought the story was excellent. I wasn't sold on the final battle, though. During the final reveal I seemed I had missed something. However the ending made sense and am do want to know very well what happens.

I'm excited to read Book 2, and I would recommend this to anyone that likes the author's previous work, or who are willing to give him a try. This is a good first read., A unique take on vampires. Good to read a vampire story that's not a romance novel, or written for teens.
Misfits who not necessarily cool as the key character types.
A unnatural Revenge Of The Nerds.
Well done Johnny, you then have a new enthusiast., Truant has authored the most unique vampire novella I have ever read. He has developed character types reader's will actually have concern, empathy, and will most likely identify with. Truant has authored a vampire series that is fun to read. Typically the reader will experience moments of fear for the characters and will be amused if not laughing out loud throughout the moments of just as being a body fat vampire. The supporting character types are absolutely fantastic. I sincerely predict The Fat Vampire would become a most popular television series when producers learn of Truant' s work.

I highly recommend this novella. End up being sure to read the author's notes for information into the introduction of the series. You will be astonished and humored. Any readers of this novella will fall into the story. Excellent, brilliant and incredibly unique, Truant deserves applause., I purchased this book in July of last year. I read two pages and then jumped to another book. Not sure why now probably a over flow of vampire publications.

The other day I was working my twitter account in prep for my future book (shameless plug) when i came across a twitter update about mcdougal and appreciated the book I purchased but did not remember finishing it so I cracked it back open and began it again.

Title claims it all and I expected to laugh which I did. Feeding time does not go well. HAHAHA! What I was not expecting was going to get addicted in. The writing was good and the character types draw you in and get you interested in how things will play out there. Gotta love Claire.

Right now I am left with little choice but to get the Big Excess fat Box Set. That's right it is not necessarily a typo. Damn it!, Just when you think you'll never find a vampire novel again that doesn't involve bloodsuckers that look like they moonlight at American Attire, here comes Reginald, 350-lb. office worker who, because he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, is turned into a vampire; now your dog is destined to be the out of shape, body fat slob he's been all his life... forever. Just what, you thought he'd abruptly turn into Edward Cullen?

Through a technical standpoint, this book is outstanding. We are an editor by business, so I notice every little issue with publications, particularly indie books -- misspellings, punctuation mishaps, grammatical errors -- and so far as I noticed, this book is perfect.

The story is engaging: the rulers of the vampire community aren't very happy with the reality that Reginald has recently been turned. What is going to they do to him? The penalty may be severe. Seeking forward to the sequels, of which there are evidently several.

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