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No matter what your diet is, you should still know how food stuff gets made in America. I possess purposely not eaten hamburgers or hot dogs made outside of the home before this book and don't intend to have anything with ground beef i don't have ground up myself. This book wasn't as graphic as I expected (yes, I am disappointed. ) We have heard stories about cereal factories and tomato sauce plants so We know that basically mice are everywhere and UNWRAPPED on The Food System won't be showing you that stuff.

I didn't really zip through it and the writing style didn't charm me so my recommendation is all about the information - if you know exactly about meat running in America and already are turned off and wary, then you do not need to spend money on this guide.

I recommend this book because everyone needs to know but I thought this book would have been better with more details. The best thing I received out of this guide was the Lasater Grassfed Beef recommendation., I read this book about 12 weeks ago and We am recommending it to friends and family. Politically, I lean heavily towards the right. Mr. Schlosser is obviously a open-handed. However, he makes many excellent points in regard to errant corporations doing as they please despite the open public interest. His solutions for more regulation are flawed, though. That said, this work provides an excellent birds-eye view of the effects that the junk food industry has had on our culture, as well as the world. I did not expect to learn so much out of this title. Schlosser ventures from sector to sector (the family plantation, the factory, the slaughterhouse, the franchise, the clinical, etc... ) searching for reports that represent typical as well as the extreme. Highly entertaining and very sobering. My doctor has informed me to lose weight. My wife has informed me to lose weight. Yet this book was truly an inspiration to do this! Since reading, I have lost 40 pounds. So, set aside Atkins, Sugarbusters and another diets. Read Schlosser! - Joel Comm, author of  The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense , Fast Meals Nation is a guide dedicated to enlightening the American population about how the fast food industry guidelines our nation. Schlosser (2001) accomplishes this feat in two major ways. The first is through highlighting several policy implications related to fast food. 1 implication involves the government’s role in regulating food safety in the Combined States. So far, government efforts to improve fast food safety have been blocked by fast food corporations resulting in carried on unsafe working conditions for employees and a lack of safety in the food itself. The second plan implication is related to the poor quality of the nutrition in fast food. Schlosser reveals how a initial products, the taters and meats, are harvested and then processed in order that the resulting “food” is fundamentally a chemical mixture with a top fat content and minimal nutritional value. Lastly, the last main plan implication involves the ability of fast food chains to market to and exploit children and the government’s inability to prevent fast food companies from doing so.
Schlosser’s second method for educating the American open public involves telling the reports of the people involved in the fast food industry. He presents the story of a McDonald’s CEO next to the story of any teenage cashier next to the storyplot of a meatpacker’s daily experience. Through these stories, Schlosser is able to highlight all of the complex aspects that come together to generate fast food in a way that any American would be able to associate to and understand. The book is a well-balanced mix of factual information provided on a foundation of the personal life stories of individuals working in the fast food region. I fully support the message Schlosser is mailing and believe that his writing style deserves 4. 5 stars. Overall, Fast Meals Nation is a deeply moving educational piece that shows America a hopeless and honest picture of how our fast food nation stands today and how, with very little effort, our fast food nation could improve to be a lot more.
Schlosser, E. (2001). Fast food nation: The irony of the all-American meal [Kindle Version].
Boston: Mariner Books., We recommend the book and the seller. The guide arrived promptly and in very good condition. The book is a great regarding a growing postwar America, although much of it describes trends which many families, including my own, did not engage. Recycling in the fifties was a residual wartime ritual and perhaps exceeds what's proceeding on today. Nevertheless, Schlosser connects many things, junk food to suburban sprawl, mount line concept to preparing food, the chemical industry to taste. He explores the mentalities of the various people who started the fast food industry, how it expanded with a mind of its own, and how many People in america expanded along with it. A powerful and effective book, at some point you will want to input it down and go into the woods and collect berries. Written factually and without food prejudice, this book has many surprises., and other things you never, but SHOULD know about what's in junk food. just one of the many items described in the book such as:
-- how a man fell into a machine was flipped into canned lard by falling into the equipment and WAS NOT discovered before the items were already distributed and sold!
-- meat packers can pack millions of pounds of meat but hire poor, uneducated migrant employees to use sophisticated equipment with little training.
--remember all those ground beef recalls? they were all voluntary - becuase the USDA is lacking in the power to force companies to recall reflectivity of the gold meat. by the time these recalls were introduced, most of the meat had already been sold and consumed.

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