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There is absolutely no question about the understanding, experience, and popularity regarding Joe Friel. This publication however, is the the very least helpful and weakest regarding his efforts. Like most other self help publications, the whole message can end up being boiled down to 1-2 sentence message, in this case that is that the LSD (long slow distance) rides, so-called " junk miles" that nearly all of us make use of don’t have the impact upon our fitness that individuals might like or hope but instead one needs to include high intensity interval training workouts to be able to increase or maintain (against aging-induced losses) fitness. You know this don't we? Should you not already lift weights to be able to increase strength, he tells you to do that will too but leaves a person to determine how to perform this on your very own. The addition of spread citations from the scientific literature are widely-used to supply authority and endorsement nevertheless glaringly appear to be cherry-picked to be able to support his views. Seldom, if at all, is it the situation in the particular real scientific world (I'm a reaarch scientist) that will all work supports your view hence - likely cherry-picked. If you very own some of his other coaching books, you already have everything that is within that one. Really nothing fresh here - sorry Joe., Now I am over fifty, actually over 60, plus still play the role of a competing endurance athlete, I have been looking for the particular science on aging plus how to stay strong as long as possible. Joe Friel does not disappoint in his research plus writing. He starts out there by stating that all those who read this book usually are outside of the regular statistics on aging plus athletic decline. He shows studies that track the particular performance of Olympic athletes who medaled since 1940, and how different ones stayed fit well into their 80's. Next, this individual talks about the true nature of fitness and just how that is measured. I feel about half way through, nevertheless already my training provides changed. During the summer, by major sport is mountain bicycling, and I have change my climbing patterns through Long Slow Burn (LSB) to High Intensity Teaching Sprints (HITS), Within 8 weeks, by average speed over a 15 to 20 mile ride has grown from around 6. 1 mph to be able to 7. 9 mph; plus I am usually less worn out after a new ride. Thanks for this great tome on staying fit, aging, training plus motivation. I purchased 4 copies and gave all of them away to several regarding my athlete friends., Exciting perspective., Always enjoy joe's books and this one is the same. Always completely researched factual information. From 45 already looking to be able to adapt for my afterwards years as a cyclist., You can find really only two things to say of this publication: first, you can transform your times as you obtain older (even if, like me, you are over 70), and second, Joe Friel cares that a person do improve. This is not to say the particular book provides some easy blueprint, you are heading to have to work through what Friel says and adapt it to be able to bit to fit your age plus your needs. But this individual lays out what you need to perform to get better after 50. Read it, conform it and get better.., Great food for considered for the aging athlete! Over-training has been a new more frequent problem with regard to me as I am getting close to the age of 60.
The information presented here appear audio and hopefully will help me to avoid over-training.
This publication is written for the particular serious athlete who is willing to monitor, review and customize their coaching schedule.
Even though not overly technical, it is not written for someone who else just beginning a fitness regime., Really good information regarding working to get your highest fitness. Didn't like the particular scientific vo2 max things. Needed to be more helpful within a not " heading to your doctor" way, to determine your best working weight etc. I might recommend this book to any of my over fifty friends that like to be able to do races., Joel provides been an authority with regard to two decades, his encounter as an athlete plus coach, as well because his facts-based approach make this an outstanding go through for the ambitious age relier. Thought I knew a new lot, I learned a new lot from reading this.

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